Life will not last forever but your good deeds will last forever

Life can grow up your skill, but money can't

          Today I would like to share about life and deeds, the reason why I choose that thing because there are many education system don't ever teach to the student, if we talk about life, we can represent a life like a fruit seed which is planted to the soil, this representation is used in order to make you understand easily about it, now we can use life is represented as soil and the fruit seed as human's skill, there is rule before you plant the fruit, "if you want to reap the fruit in the autumn season, you must start to sow the fruit seed at the spring season and don't start to sow the fruit's seed when the autumn season is coming, it's not good time for planting's season because the autumn season is good for harvesting, not for planting", here is the message; before the winter season is coming to your time, you must plant the fruit seed in the spring season with good knowledge, open minded, doubtless, discipline, nurturing with ceaselessly, curiosity, decisiveness, self-esteem, consistency, perseverance, love, sincerity, patience, honest, diligence and commitment", that's example of role model you need to apply into your life, all those valuable natural characteristic are good deeds and it can help you how to make your career is success, remember this note; everybody has a fruit seed in human's mind and we need a life to be a proper place for sowing it, so in that place we can reap the fruit (creativity, skill, imagination, and idea)

Life and death are lies within human's mindset
          if you want to evaluate about your life journey, you can reflect to the natural life habit, everyday this life will give us an option, namely developing or die, by that it means, we will taste about happiness when we develop our opportunity and we will die our opportunity when we stop developing our philosophy, our skill and many other skills, that's main reason why life requests us to learn something new, remember; we can't determine our destination by hope, but we can determine our destination by constantly pursuing about what we really want in life, here is the time signal that will give you an idea how to rectify your own opinion, life is represented by past, present and future, when life lies in the past; means you must learn new thing and don't trust your past experience, when life lies in tomorrow; means you need to plan something good in today before tomorrow, you study how to get happiness today before tomorrow, you study how to get wealth today before tomorrow, you study not to worry about tomorrow, when life lies in present; means you need to use your power of focus and power of faith to make decision, here is the truth; time signal is designed to help you focus about what do you want to do and what you don’t want to do.
Ascending life is caused by human good deeds

            You can’t use your past experience to become your life guidance because every single day there is always opportunity or new lesson to guide for your life journey, so all you need to do in this life is keep learning and be curious child how to keep seeking about the truth, the main reason why we keep searching about the truth because truth is something that can't be created or can't be produced by human, the reason why you are not allowed to use your past experience as your life guidance because your past experience will be obsolete once the time keeps moving forward and your past experience always keep moving backward, so we don't have much time to rewind our past story because we can't produce a new timethe conclusion; we need to create new life experience as good deeds in order to face the life's tough challenge within our restricted time.
life journey phase

If you are not ready while the life’s tough experience is coming, you will get regret and you will lose everything valuable, the reason why I say such thing because you only repeat what you know, not trying to know what you don’t know, if you want your deeds is more valuable, be great curious role model like children’s imagination where children always learn something new although they know nothing about it, in my opinion; adult is too skeptical, here is the key how to have tough mentality; do something that makes you feel pain of discipline every day, what I mean is you create your own pain, not because of your boss or teacher’s demand, but you create your own lifestyle, "when you feel pain today, you will get stronger tomorrow", that's the life's rule, remember; when you are doing something that make you sucked, you will become new guy every day and your life will never be the same again.
Life is always knocking us down

Making qualified journey in life is not easy and also it's not simple but life will be worth when you know how to handle, we must be ready all the time although we are not ready to face unpleasant situation, the reason why we must be ready all the time because life is trying to knock us down when we stop evolving or stop learning, so we can't represent our life story to somebody else because everybody is entrusted by Almighty God (Allah) to write own destiny, if you want to escape from the life's tough circumstance, you need to create good deed until you no longer needed to live on earth.