Live with no excuse and travel with no regrets

          Today I would like to share how to live peacefully without excuse and no regret, the reason why I choose that topic because many people can’t stay peacefully with their own mindset because they just focus in the comfort zone, besides that people prefer to make a living with many excuses when they are offered with opportunity rather than they make a living with perseverance, that's main cause their living will not evolve, if you want to make a better life and better future, you start to decrease the number of your regret, decrease the number of your excuse and start to increase the number of your new tactic and strategy.

          In every year many business are ruined, many businessmen get confused, the main cause is they just work without making new purpose and not willingly to adapt with new demand and they just rely on something that they deserve it, remember; when you just do something you deserve, you will not get something you don't deserve, if you want to raise your living standard, you need to do something you don't deserve to do and you will get something great after you practice it consistently, i just remind you again that you can't choose your future time by collecting something you deserve, your main job is not collecting something you deserve in the future, but your main job is preparing your skill although you don't deserve to get reward in your timing.

Don’t just pass the day with activity or event where it is not giving you a lot of inspiration within, so you need to arrange your time how to become a studious person in every day, when you can’t make time by studying or reading, your time will give you a lot of regret and give you much excuses in the future, the trusted information is the key how to unlock the human’s potential, if people make a living without having certain intelligence and without certain drive, people will run the time by making the circle of hell, by that it means they will meet with huge regret and also they will meet with the clever problem in the future because they don’t prepare something in the past, please remember; don't wait something great is coming, you will never get ready to welcome it, in my opinion; you would better to prepare it before something great is coming.

            Life is not talking how much time you spend for satisfaction, but life is talking about how far you can travel from one time to another time without regret, don’t just say “I will find passion and i do what I love”, that statement will not get you to be mature person, when you just do what you love, you will collect the pattern of regret because you just put your time to what you love, in fact love is not living in your time, don't rely on something you know but you must search something you don't know, life is not recycling like the wheel, life can guide you how to make gorgeous story by travelling new knowledge, new creativity, new idea, new adversity, new problem, and new curiosity, so all you need to do is search something you don't know until you will not regret.