Mistakes are proof that you are going to evolve

Mistake offers two of direction : problem and solution

          Today I would like to share how to evolve with productive mistake, many people think that making mistake is stupidity, in fact making mistake is part of growing up, without creating a mistake, we will not get an idea, without creating mistake, we will not get new experience how to make innovation, without creating a mistake, we will be staying same with our mediocre, that’s positive impact from producing mistake, we will not know when our goals will arrive within our timing, but mistakes is method how to make progress, in the reality when we were as children, we are prohibited to make mistake by our parents and our teachers because they worry mistake will degrade their children's growth mentality, adult are too skeptical to learn the law of attraction,  in fact running to search the information to the wrong direction is better than standing still, by that it means the more we learn, the more we can attract unlimited potential to help us to evolve.
practice is part of making progress

Please remember; fixed standard is always blocking us to grow, a new mindset or new information is being used to break our limitation, if we are not making mistake, we can’t break your limitation, when we stay with our limitation, we can't become as maturity person, so mistake can create two ways; the first meaning is mistakes indicates that you are trying to understand something difficult and the second meaning is mistakes indicates that you are raising your standard because you targeting something great rather than your capability, maybe accepting a mistake seems very hard for you, but when you promise to keep learning, one day all mistakes you make will elevate your position to the new career. 
embrace failure before you plan to fail

My opinion to you, please don’t underestimate power of mistakes, it has tremendous power to break human's expectation, mistake can help human how to get extraordinary mission and mistake is method how to get the competitive advantages, furthermore it can clean up your disarray of life and clean up your boring story, here is information which may to improve your mindset, don’t play something when you are not excited with it, if you do that, you will lose your enthusiasm, person can be valued as the qualified person when he is having good philosophy, enhanced psychology, growth mindset and good personality.
failure is not always talking about ending, its talking about revolution

Without having good philosophy or belief system within their mindset, people will always make unnecessary mistake and those mistakes will create people's life to become disarray and people will lose power of willingness and lose power of hope, remember this note; when you don’t drive your passion to the right ideology, your time will get lost and you will work for money like slavery, here is additional note; you are not going to evolve until you emptying your mistake quota, please take the risk or you will lose the chance.