Never give up without fight

          Today I would like to share how to defend your dream until you make it happen, I know it is not easy to deal with, to fulfill dream every day we will face new risk, we meet with new challenge,we make new mistake and we will face adversity in life, sometimes our life runs turbulent and it pushes us to feel it, if we don't do something, our life will run in stagnancy, that's risk we need to learn, remember this note; the problem is not coming from the problem, but problem is coming when we don't know how to apply our resourcefulness towards problem.

          There is no meaningful resources when we ourselves don't find passion to attract it, so we need knowledge as booster in order to attract new resources, please ensure your passion can lead you how to become an attractive person and your passion can attract marketplace, if you want to stay fighting with your dream, you need to embrace power of faith, when you fight what you believe is good, your faith will invite law of attraction to maximize your potential energy, but when fight without attaching power of faith, you will fight for meaningless purpose, so your habit will determine how far of journey you have made, don’t be follower but be doer, keep fighting with your emotion until you no longer needed to introduce yourself with your  own unlimited potential.

The main reason why you are not allowed to give up for what you desire because pain of regret is making your mentality more painful and also your potential will decrease by itself because you stop doing it, you must struggle for what you desire and give it the result to the divine’s timing, don't think about reward first but build a trust, please do what’s valuable as if there is no one will stop you to enhance your own hobby, you must fight with your hobby until you can make your subconscious mind can talk and whispers to you about what to do and what don't to do.

Please train your mind to think big as if there is no one else will be able to stop your creativity, make sure your creativity doesn't create destructive thing but inspiring a lot, think big as if you were hungry for digging unlimited life journey, you can refer to universe when you want to explore about creativity, when you focus on your future, there is always new opportunity and it will give you another point of view how to think when other people don’t think, remember this note; success can't be inherited but when you stop working for your craft, you will lose everything valuable, please don't give up easily.