Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless

          Today I would like to share how to train mindset by facing our fearfulness, the reason i choose that topic because most people focus how to sketch something into the canvas of fearfulness, that's reason many people are living with no hope because they spend their time being for living in the canvas of fearfulness, when I see about the human’s fearfulness, most people are too concerned with what was and what will be, that's the source of mistake where the human's fearfulness is appearing, remember this note; fear is not designed to block the human's potential, in fact, fear is designed to protect the human mind from evil purpose and also fear can indicate the sign that human lacks of resources, so you must recognize about your sense of fearfulness first whether your fearfulness purpose is having meaningful purpose or not.
she is imagining about her own fearfulness

            So if you want to change your fearfulness into limitless power, you need to train your mind how to block evil purpose from your daily habit, to deal with evil purpose is not easy because you must take risk and courage to eliminate, the first thing you must admit is reason why you must reserve your fear until sense of fearfulness is growing, if your fearfulness is keeping talking about your weakness, that's mean you lack of resources, remember this note; the big cause why people can't get out from their fearfulness because their mindset are stagnant and they don't have strong reason to find out why the root cause for their fearfulness is happening, if you want to recognize your fearfulness, you must ponder this message to yourself before you do something you don’t ever know, you must train your mindset to accept something unpleasant by testing the target you want with your limitation, the human limitation will not grow without it's being trained with difficult problem.

            Remember this; “fear will come when feeling of worry has been ignored”, that messages means, when you feel worry about something, don’t let feeling of worry become bigger size, but all you can do is finish what you concern, i want to tell you that having of fear and having of shy are having different direction although it is having slightly similarity, if you can defeat your feeling of shy, that's mean you conquer your half of fearfulness but when you can't conquer your fearfulness, you will lose self-esteem, there is additional note; “asking for help is not sign of weakness, but it’s sign of strength because you show your courage to admit your weaknesses”, so it would better to asking for help because you lack of resources rather than pretending to be knowing it all.
run from the fearfulness

          Sometimes fear can be useful when you use it to increase your ability, but fear can bring the bad influence when you do nothing meaningful and waste your time to wait someone else to fix your own problem, remember thisfear can block your opportunity when you don’t train your mindset to observe something you don’t know, here is additional note for you; when you focus on your biggest fear, you will find bigger size from your fear size before, but if you focus how to get solution, you will find multiply choice how to train your fearfulness until it becomes a reasonable fearfulness.