Perfection doesn’t exist on the side of eternity

          Today I would like to share about how to talk about perfection, many people are seeking about perfection to make their product are sold out, but in fact their determination are walking inaccurate and probably goes to misleading direction because their determination are chasing the perfection of product not excellence thing, remember; perfection is looking for weakness insight, not looking for better one, the reason why i say that because perfection is part of short term journey, another question is "how can human can create perfection whereas humans lives are restricted in their limitation?".
Perfection is part of instant process, it's not long journey

          So people still get problem to make their product to be perfection, in behalf of peacefully heart, please leave and stop producing the perfection journey because itself doesn’t exist, no matter how hard you to try to pursue perfection, perfection will never be founded because when time changes, perfection will be obsolete, perfection never comes to your side because there is always better thing when there is upcoming generation, when you create perfection, time will wash away your perfection.

Perfection is like building laziness habit, when you live with laziness, you will never grow to the next stage, if someone wants to get perfection, it sounds they reveal the truth about their unproductive activity, perfection is just fake illusion which it gives you a memento and your lasting memorial had been twisted by the time and time will push you to remember something obsolete in the past because it would not return back to your present time, perfection is just asking you to compare between your previous expertise with your fixed mindset, that’s purpose of perfection, perfection is not part of something you need to pursue it.

You can’t live together with perfection because you will not get something better by relying with one destination, remember this note; if you want to get a better living, don’t trust your memory and start to create an opportunity, divorce with your past and start to marry with future, use your habit to create new way and leave a good mark for legacy, and grow your legacy to elevate your life career in the future, don’t try to pursue something doesn’t exist like perfection because it will stop you to grow your creativity and idea, although there is no one can understand you, you just keep going with your masterpiece because one day your legacy will tell loudly to the people, now all you need to do is focus how to make progress, don’t just be follower, be student who has insatiable curiosity, and be creative believer.