Release your new story, not your history

          Today I would like to share about how to make new world with new story, the reason why I choose that topic because there is something I want you to know more about new world, the nearest new world we can explore is tomorrow, we can't do better thing when we don't trust about tomorrow, tomorrow's content is about hope and answer, we can't live tomorrow by putting our trust into history, so that's main point why new story is more important than history, whether we get failed or not during building new process, don't ever trust with your history and keep trying to make new story to welcome tomorrow because history can't determine your future.

         We will never know what will happen by tomorrow, as long as we deepen our curiosity to our passion and we know how to build self-esteem, i am sure we will use our time more effective, the first thing you must know about life; life is working like time and energy, it's not stagnant, it can’t be reproduced, it can’t be recycled or it can’t go backward, the point I want to show you is “time and energy is irreplaceable, don’t trust for your past but you must trust to your future by practicing your craft to welcome tomorrow”, remember this note; we will never get a glorious life when we keep trusting with our history or past experience because tomorrow is not working when we trust with our history, that’s major mistake that ordinary people always have.

Don't let mistake will takeover our successful plan in the future, that’s important thing you need to know before you will regret, there are many people worry and regret because they are feeling proud from what they had in the past and they choose to stop learning, remember; first chance and second chance are always giving different reward, when you think first chance is better than second chance, i am sure you will prepare yourself to pick up first chancethe second thing you need to know about life; life is moving such as ocean, it will never get stagnant, whether you like it or not about life circumstance, life always give you a newest lesson, new experience, new journey that you have never got in the second life, remember; our job in this life is sowing and reaping only, when you sow a good thing, you will reap good one, when you sow bad thing, you will reap bad one.

New story is always offering new thing and it seems mysterious, whereas history is always retard and it can be left behind by new age and new revolution age, so don't wait for history because history never come again in your present time because time is always changing and history is always stagnant, so when we want to create a better life journey, we can’t just wait only, but we must become planner and doer.