Sexy is not shape, but it’s an attitude

          Today I would like to share about how to get point of view about the word of sexy, many people think the word of sexy is part of human’s body shape or something related with sexually attractive, but in this article I will give you a different idea how to build the interesting life story through our qualified identity, namely about “who we are”, not introduce about “what we have”, remember; if you talk about what you have, there are many ways you will tell to people with many version, but in the end, people will get bored and not interesting about your story anymore because result can make them feel stressed.

           you don’t need sexy thing to attract human’s attention, but people will be happy and get satisfied when their problem have been settled earlier than the target time, that's purpose of attitude, showing your principle in time management is method how to make people get impressed, sexy is not demanding us how to influence what we have to impress people, but sexy is demanding us how to build value oriented's principle to the market place, remember this note; attitude is not pushing people to follow what you share to them, attitude is the way how to keep maintenance an exit strategy by handling people's problem and build trustworthy, if we want to prolong our good attitude to people, all we need to do is nourishing our reputation about “who we are” identity, let our attitude will lead as many as people to get enlightenment until they will say to us “your life is so sexy”.

          Remember; people will give us label when we have shown our attitude to people, your label can determine whether your skill is being appreciated or not, people will pay higher rather than ordinary people when your attitude can attract people’s emotional attention, that’s law, so basically there are many thing you can offer to other people but before you offer something benefit, you need to upgrade your attitude until level of attitude will determine how far you have stepped forward into your career, when you don’t have good attitude, everything you build for your career will ruin you, such as your reputation, your fame, your friends circle, your property, etc. so you can't go anywhere place before you change your attitude, if you see leadership program, so attitude is solid foundation to sustain the weight of responsibility.

 Building good attitude is like building trust, when you can’t build trust, you will ruin everything about your product, sexy is not something you can see easily but sexy is something can give you more inspiration and you can become good influence maker to other people lives, when you run in business, please focus how to build your product and ensure your product is giving valued oriented rather than giving service, if your product belongs to value-oriented, your product will not die easily and it will be memorized eternal.