Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can

          Today I would like to share concerning about passion and job, in the life reality some people chase a job to fulfill their daily needs, some people chase their passion because they want to build career by improving creativity, everybody has different principle to determine purpose of life, now i review 30 % people want to achieve big target by building a tight schedule and good team to pursue target and they will use resources to create product or masterpiece, 70 % people prefer to ignore their idea and creativity because they think working for money is more important than creativity.

            I will give you some points to boost your passion, the first thing you must know is define about your limitation such as money, time, equipment, avenue, etc. when you want to change our way of life, you need to ponder about “how to start where you are, how to use what you have and how to maximize what you can”, the reason why i recommend to think about bold sentences above because it will measure how far you make a journey, every one year period you need to standardize your skill with reality, if your qualification result doesn't match with the world's market place psychology, you must research about value oriented.

Please don't let you lose the momentum during building value oriented because you will not get bigger momentum in the near future, so you must use your time wisely to research something and use your resources to follow "what the world really wants", all your passion will be carved when you focus about your creativity, focus on your passion, focus on your value oriented, focus how to enjoy the process, remember this noteeverything great needs best preparation such as right timing, right moment and right place.

When you don’t have enough resources, don't worry about that, there is no "being late" word to begin new way, you must keep studying and find something that it will attract your desire, then you work like a magnet, wherever you go at somewhere places, you will get a gift from this life, remember; everything in this life is like gift, we don’t know the mysterious thing behind it, gift is so complicated, we are not allowed to ask what’s the content, all we need to do is accepting the gift then you start to learning or you ignore the gift then you start to dispose it, here is additional note for you; your creativity will grow when you plant it with good seeds such as right mindset, right philosophy, right psychology and keep a good habit, our creativity will never grow when we ignore adversity, that's the key.