Take risk or lose a chance

          Today I would like to share about the risk, I am sure this is not first time you hear about the risk, everything in this life has happened by its own system, this system must be run consistently without giving up in one second, if it’s giving up, everything happens in life circumstance will be meaningless and get ruined, now i will explain the basic reason why the ordinary people reject the risk because they haven't prepared their resourcefulness to fight risk, so the ordinary people will ask the question and put it into their mindset “why I need to take a risk?”, i hope you don't ask such question because it's dangerous for your growth mentality, that kind of question will make people's opportunity is shut off, if you want to be mature person, you change the question with new emotion level "what loss if i don't take a risk?" remember this note; when there is the object can't make any movement, it's considered to be paralysis, whether humans like or not with risk, every movement will create risk, but the main journey of life is not part of itself movement , but there is reward after taking a risk.

          The main reason why universe’s system won’t stop moving because make a movement is represented of something alive, I remember about the quote; when there is life, there is hope, by that it means, person will not get something useful in this life unless he already created something from his own resourcesremember this note; there is no failure in this life as long as there is act of movement, so there’s only last result or still progressing, failure is happening when the death is coming, when everything you do seems impossible, that’s normal condition because your effort hasn’t arrived at the next destination, your time is not entitled to grab big opportunity, when you think your goal is impossible, don’t worry about it because your successful journey is on the way and it’s still looking for you as long as you keep evolving your goal until your goal’s progress is done.

          As human being, we can’t escape from risk because life always produces risk, our job is not avoiding the risk but we can learn something behind the risk because every opportunity mixed with adversity, risk is coming when humans don’t realize about what they are doing, so before life is bringing greater risk for us, we need to stay hungry with any information and we can use our insatiable curiosity to discover about the mystery of life, remember; the mystery of life is not talking about what we concern or what we want in the future, but mystery of life is always opening opportunity to anybody who focus to aim with their goals.
conquer your doubt and fear by facing the risk

I have seen many people lose a chance and lose goal because their mindset are just buying imagination of result, not keep pursuing the process, many people forget that the goal in life is not continuously pursuing about what humans want, but the value of life is lies in dedication, so don’t give up and don’t give in with any situation because not everyone can represent your existence, human is very unique, every life has time calculation and we can’t lose a chance as long as we keep holding tightly until opportunity will chase us back, remember this note; the risk is designed not to give any harmful to humans lives, but risk is designed to enrich human’s skill, enrich human’s knowledge and enrich human’s mentality.