The greatest prison is living into what other people think

Don't Imagine what other people think

          Today I would like to share how to educate our mentality to get freedom from what other people think, I know maybe you will feel uncomfortable when other people will think and criticize about you, now let me guide you how not to become greatest prisoner and start how to become free person, the first thing you must do is get out from the friendship circle zone and start to find kind of person who can give you a lot of inspiration, remember this note; your friend zone and your social community circle are part of the main source which can educate you to become the greatest prisoner in your own mind, the reason why I say such thing because good friends are not taking your source of happiness from you, but they can build the more number of  happiness to you.

           Having many friends don't determine your happiness level, the more you raise your thinking level, you will not need many friends except you choose the trustworthy friend, sometimes many friends can create a conflict because they have variety of mindset, but at this point I wouldn’t say you don’t need to make relationship with many people, my advice to you is before you create relationship with newcomer, you must select which the typical of person who can be accountable and dependable person when there is money issue or trust issue is upcoming.
don't talk, don't listen and don't see when you can't take responsibility from them

There are many ways how to step out from what other people think, the first method you need to remember; don’t just manage your expectation because your expectation only creates feeling insecurity, fixed mindset and create the circle of hell in your life, when other people try to criticize about your progress, don’t just accept it as complete or you make it as guidance, if you do that, you always become follower of the greatest prisoner, every expectation is designed not to give you power, but it will give you a fantasy mindset and also it will give you abnormal thoughts because it keeps you overthinking, if you want to be free from what other people think, you need to exceed your expectation level by doing something that ordinary people won’t do.
Overthinking image

 Mindset is everything, when you imagine it, you will achieve it, when you apply it, you will get from what you have done, so before you make new relationship with newcomer, we must search your prospect first and you find the information about his feasibility study whether he is kind of trustworthy person or not, not everyone can be relied as partner because everyone has different mindset, not all different mindset will create meaningful topic to be discussed, so basically we will not get something from what receive unless we already give something greater than what we receive, that’s key how to become freeman, the reason why i say such thing only freeman can do the great thing and can control his power of mind from what other people think about him.