Train your mind to see the good in every situation

          Today I would like to share how to train your mind, so this article will help you how you can see the good in every situation although you are feeling bad, the reason why I choose that topic because not people want to train their mind to receive the good from what they are observing, the good thing will not appear as long as we don't make hope, so all we need to do is train our mind how to sweep our mind from negativity, remember this note; we can’t change every situation by depending on human's lifestyle, but we can change every situation when we accept reality and we train our mindset as top priority.

         The first thing we must do when we want to train our mind is what we think must be adapted with reality and what we think must be measured with human's capacity, that's rule, something good is measurable when it can be changed with our own mindset first, then we change our own habit, then we change our lifestyle, etc. the main reason why we need to train our mind because our greatness is not lies in comfortable zone, furthermore, every greatness lies in consistency practice and it needs uncomfortable zone for leverage, train human's mind is not simple because every human needs to conquer their egoism, besides that greatness needs nourishing skill such as having a good habit, the reason why good habit is more important than human's skill because good habit can unlock the human’s emotional intelligence.

Some people say that they need to develop luck in order to see the good in every situation, but luck will not appear without any consistently pursue from practice and perseverance, human’s mind like mechanical machine, mind needs vivid memory to make decision, humans can obtain vivid memory through making good experience in working place, good community, attend the seminar, meet the mentor or guru, those are good input to help humans how to produce vivid memory, without vivid memory, humans can’t choose which decision they should take. here is for your daily note; life's rule sometimes detest person who has the mediocre skill because life doesn't have the mediocre skill, life is always making new change by consistently practice, creating the progressive movement and creating consistently momentum, the main reason why we need to learn from life's rule because life assumes the mediocre person can’t determine about what to do and not what to do.

Before we train our mind to see the good in every situation, we can learn from successful people’s habit, that’s the key how to train our mind, habit is like the track pattern which is guiding us to go to the wisdom area, then we need to learn from the way the successful people behave when they meet with insurmountable problem, remember this note; when we start to unlearn our unproductive habit, automatically we can start to improve our daily habit, one more thing; we can’t train our mind to see the good in every situation when we compare between other people’s successful story with our natural ability, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people are lies in their daily habit, their momentum and their curiosity level.