Winnie the pooh psychology

Piglet and Winnie the pooh

          Today I would like to share the morality message from the cartoon story, namely Winnie the pooh, he is a honey bear who likes to eat honey, wherever he is going, he will walks around with honey jar, but now I will share something meaningful about his life journey, i hope we can learn from him, as we know he is playing around at forest with his several close friends such as piglet, rabbit, tiger. etc. Winnie the pooh is well known is wise man and tough-minded, one day piglet has question and this question is intended to Winnie the pooh, piglet says “pooh, what do you spell about love?”, piglet thinks that love is like physical touch and caring to something or someone else, but Winnie the pooh answers “piglet, love is not just the words of mouth, but there is responsibility that you need to build with it , love needs the human's virtue and the power of love is not intended to make destructive thing, and the power of love is intended to make your life is being more appreciated, you feel motivated, enthusiasm and love can make you feel lively again on earth
He is eating honey in the jar

          After piglet listens the answer from the Winnie the pooh, piglet gets conclusion, love is never been founded, but love can be created by human’s natural ability such as creativity, idea, moral, habit, hobby, etc. love is never being formed by compelling or being forced, but love can be shaped by power of giving, Winnie the pooh is always caring his friends, he is easy companion, he doesn’t like when he sees his friends get hurt or being harmed, Winnie pooh has ever said to piglet in the sunny day “piglet, remember my note; when you feel stupid, you don’t need to do something, but when you do nothing, you will become impossible object to be reached and you will never meet with miracle of life

          From Winnie the pooh statement, we can conclude that we need to keep plugging away even though our dream may seem impossible, no matter how long your journey is starting, other people will comment that you are making abject failure, they don’t need to know about what you are doing because they only wait the result, not enjoying the long process, so when you feel down because there's something interrupt your life, please try to listen Winnie the pooh psychology, it may seems not intrigue your mood, but when you already apply his psychology to your life style, I am optimistic that your life story will be different and also your moment will bring a new light of hope, let your life is shining to other people’s life.