Without passion, energy can’t be multiplied

          Today I would like to share how to delegate passion for the right purpose, the reason why I choose that topic because most of us often to neglect the passion’s existence because we don’t believe that passion will bring a good benefit and also it will support our career in the future, sometimes we consider that passion is part of the ordinary strong feeling, but in fact, many people don't realize that passion will shape a new idea and open up new opportunity, so we must delegate that power or we will lose everything valuable in life, besides that passion has unwavering spirit which it can unlock the human’s potential and it can break human’s limitation.

          Now I would remind you how to deal with passion, the first thing is we must take profit from passion and make it more valuable,  passion will help us if we practice it with courage and passion will help us when we want to sketch the future through our canvas of life, the second thing you must have is the power of faith, the reason why we must ignite the power of faith because it can predict our future, passion can influence the human’s future time, do  you still remember when we were children ?, as student, we were taught by our teacher with religion and civic, with those subjects we were trained how to use faith to determine what action we can choose,  remember this note; the future can’t be shaped by doing the unnecessary activity, future can’t be put in your waiting list, the future can be shaped when we use eagerness, passion, vitality, unwavering faith and discipline to manifest what we think.

If you don't consider future as your top priority which you may need it to be saved, you will lose your future, unfortunately many people underestimate about it because they consider future will be the same as today, in this point I would explain that mindset’s stumbling block is the human's main problem and it will always attack the people’s mentality who haven’t ever trained it with difficult situation, remember; mentality is like the big muscles, the more often you use, it will get stronger, if you practice your mentality to overcome problem, your destiny will be different rather than most people who haven’t practiced their ability, I will remind you that energy can’t be reproduced, it can’t be recycled and also it can’t be exterminated, means you just have the particular time to use it toughly, if you don’t use today's time to welcome tomorrow, you are considered that you have been given up from life challenge.

At this moment we must remember that we have limitation area such as the physical condition, knowledge and time, even though we have the limitation area like I mentioned earlier, we can use the limitation area to attract the unlimited support to evoke our great passion, like the universe’s energy, creativity, idea and imagination, when we can employ good thing from those unlimited support, remember that the passion is like the fuel and it will give us a riding how to walk in our life journey and passion will create big different picture in our days ahead, i conclude that when you start to think about passion with relentless drive, your passion will make the greatest success story in your life and success always follow you in whatever situation because you consider future is more important than money.

Problem is like washing machines

          Today I would like to share about the philosophy of problem, maybe you consider it as the daily food for your thought, but in this article I would expand something different and also I will explain the main reason why we need to learn about problem, the first thing you must do when problem approaches you is don't judge carelessly when you accept the problem at the first time, if you judge carelessly at the first time, you can't escape from the game of life, I talk like this not because to make you fear or make you pessimistic, but I will invite you to think like the wise person, actually problem is like Almighty God's education system, the more you learn, then the more you wise, without problem existence, we can't grow up like plants which is embedded in the soilwhen your mindset keeps thinking positively about the problem, i am optimistic that you will not feel afraid or feel perplexed when you face other problem because your mindset has been trained beforehand and only the curious people who welcome Almighty God's plan with courage and hope, here I tell you that the problem is like the washing machines, please imagine that you are part of cloth, once you enter the washing machine, the washing machine will start to spin you, knock you around, flip you several times and try to discard the bad thing or the inessential thing from your mind.

              In the end story, the problem will educate you how to design your future to be better, brighter, looks promising, so it doesn’t matter whether you have made a big mistake in every day or not, those mistakes will help you how to clear your mind from the negative pollutant, remember this note; not every mistake is considered as the major problem, you can become major problem candidate if you stop learning and stop nurturing your mind with knowledge, mistake is part of learning process, it looks difficult to accept the process, but in the end you will get more solution from it, sometimes problem will help you to increase value and sometimes problem can decrease your value if you make an excuses to neglect it, in the life history, more than six thousands of years been recorded that the problem's capacity is bigger and better than human’s capacity, for everlasting we can’t blame the problem because problem is just tool to make us contemplated about the misunderstanding which may happen in your routine activity, here is something important for your note; don't let any problem will affect and determine your future, although the problem capacity is bigger than the human's capacity, if we discipline to practice what we can do every day, instead of problem will increase your standard of living and improving your economy.

          Mistake is part of learning process because the human’s mind is designed to be empty at beginning process, we can’t deny this reality of life, we only have choice to decide whether problem can become as self-supporting or we consider problem as the brain killing machine, without any problem in our surroundings area, we are unable to increase our maturity level because basically all problem are designed to become washing machine, in the positive side of problem; problem can give you an idea, problem can give you a job, problem can give you option how to make the best decision, problem can give you a chance how to help other people’s weakness, problem will educate you how to discard what inessential thing from your brain memory, problem will increase your self-reliance, problem can give a help how to improve your creation.

          Here is the negative side of problem; the problem will give you label of becoming the major troublemaker if you don’t want to adapt with the series game of life, problem will give you the trap if you don’t want to be careful person during playing the game of life, problem will kill your hope and kill your luck if you don't practice how to improve your mentality and hard skill, before you play the game of life, you must read the instruction, you must study with the trusted references, you must practice with discipline, you keep consistent during improving the self-knowledge and keep curious how to produce idea, hopefully after you read this article, you will open up your mind and welcome every problem then make it as your knowledge leverage.

You were given this life because you are strong to live it

life can guarantee that human capacity have the most fearing power and most powerful rather than other creature's

          Today I would like to share how to know about the truth of life, the reason why I choose that topic because I want to convince you that life has given us a guarantee that our potential are so powerful rather than insurmountable problem, but unfortunately not everyone will accept this game of life, some people discourage themselves because they think their problem are bigger than their capacity, most of them think this life system is unfair, uncontrolled and cruel, here is for your note; the major problem in life is not coming from the life’s system but the problem is coming from the human's inner pain, there are two kind of pain, namely people’s lack of resourcefulness and inequality in the human’s social life.

           Now you know the reason why pain of life had been created at the long time ago, i will give you an explanation for your daily note; earth, heavens, mountains can’t create something what human can do because they have limited resources, only human can survive with insurmountable circumstance because humans have unlimited resources, by that it means, the guarantee had been granted from Almighty God (Allah) to humans being long time ago, if you consider your life is so mysterious or more surprising, i am sure you will practice your mentality's skill and you will prepare your masterpiece, if you think tomorrow will be the same ending like yesterday’s event, as impact of it, you are unable to see bright future tomorrow even though you are having many days.

The key how to discover the meaning of life can be determined on how you feel about tomorrow, if you think tomorrow is not mysterious or it can't attract your good feeling, you will be pushed to repeat your life history and you don't have any chance to level up your new life journey, but if you think tomorrow will be different, your mind will create new determination and you will start to do something what you haven't tried before, if you are excited to welcome tomorrow, you will not linger too long within your standards because you are busy to practice your best skill, remember; when you start new day with different subject, different decision and different idea, tomorrow will create your new future, new result and new story.

The universe will arrange the best gift for you if you prepare your creation, your craft, your desire, your practice and your discipline, those are requirements are needed to welcome tomorrow's challenge, remember this note; the most important thing to welcome tomorrow's time is accepting the truth, learning the unpleasant thing and keep practicing although you complete with the little progress, if you are sincerity to accept the reality, you will not be easy to feel offended because you appreciate with progress result and you trust with process, only the ready person who can welcome the tomorrow’s challenge.

If you keep practicing your strength today, tomorrow you will be stronger than yesterday, don’t just welcome tomorrow by repeating your yesterday’s story such as doing your work with the same subject or use the same standard of knowledge, if you just repeat the yesterday’s story in today's time, it has the same meaning where you are not working for future, in the end of the day you will not get a chance to welcome tomorrow, if you don’t sow something valuable today, you can't reap the reward, this universe is too big and it has unpredictable power, if we don’t maximize our curiosity to learn about the universe system in order to promote our creativity, we always become history, not being future person.

Life doesn’t get better by chance, but it gets better by change

fishes must change their strategy ability if they want to move to another tanks

          Today I would like to share how to make life gets better, the main reason I choose that topic because many people think this life will get better when they already received from what they get reward from life, the truth; human will never receive what they want if they don't invest great determination and great enthusiasm to scale up creativity in every single day, besides that human's destiny can be changed by welcoming a chance and make it as stepping stone to make continuously big change, by that it means everybody has the same chance to make some self-improvement within 24 hours, now the changing process will be increased or it will be decreased  based how people can use the power of choice, if people can succeed to adapt with the difficulties situation, I am really sure people will stop complaining and start to study, remember this note; this life has never offered any challenge to human if humans don't make progress, if there is no progress which can bring good impact to humans lives, chance will never appear to human environment.
every challenge will drive you to the new change and wisdom

            Life will take back human's resources when humans don’t invest something valuable resources to the future, that's the key how to save our future from the intruder's influence, the word of "intruder" namely procrastination, pessimistic, and indecisive, sometimes this life can transform by becoming the intruder when we don't defend our resourceslife will not stop giving the lesson to human as long as humans will learn from mistake, there are many ways we can change our standards, here are my opinions; we can start how to become good listener, self-motivated, good planner, and be an insatiable doer by creating masterpiece, remember; only the right mindset can produce the way how to overcome problem and discard what inessential thing, we can conclude the right mindset is part of efficient method how to raise human's standard of living.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice our time and capitals to make a study, life is always teaching where people never have it from the formal education, life is giving best response when humans already give the best preparation for future, without having preparation, we always be loser because we are not ready to accept the risk, remember this note; Only the power of choice can change something different within human's life story, if you write down the same story as you were writing the story in yesterday, future will break your hope and break your enthusiasm.

The key how to change yourself is stay committed, stop blaming, stop making an excuses and stop arguing about type of resources you don’t have, showing your relentless decisiveness is more powerful rather than keep waiting, act of waiting can’t create a drastically changes in your life story, waiting can’t offer new chance to improve your craft, chance will offers you extraordinary challenge when you are ready to show your ability, chance knows better than you, so don’t ask chance to welcome you but let your resources welcome a chance, furthermore, life can create an incredible chance when you already have enough resourcefulness in your mind.

How to turn pain into motivation

only discipline and enthusiasm can turn your pain into motivation

          Today I would like to share how to turn pain into motivation, the main reason I choose that topic because not everyone wants to learn from the pain they have suffered at the working place or the studying place, they consider pain is inevitable and can’t be learned, in this case i agree that the pain of life is inevitable because pain of life comes from the human's social life inequality, but the problem is "not everyone wants to get opportunity because they already cultivated their mindset with negativity as the priority and they don't realize their power of desire has blocked everything", remember this note; only complainers demand something greater than what they can invest something good for futurethe first point what I can understand from that explanation: the act of demanding is part of irresponsibility and inequality, the first key how to turn pain into motivation is making power of dream and you pull it with your truly belief, if you do some activities without building a great enthusiasm, as impact of it, you create more recession and you will be pushed by life to repeat the unproductive mistake, here is for your note; the more you lack of idea, the more doubt you will produce.
practice your mind with an artificial emergency plan

I know every person will get pain in this life such as feeling of disappointment, anxious, pessimistic, act of blaming, doubt, indecisive, regret, procrastination, etc. Remember; all those mental diseases can be cured when we start to build enthusiasm and try to achieve a long term plan around 1-5 year, then you must ensure that you practice during first one year period, make record in your daily practice, break the target record and surpass the last target record, that’s the lifestyle you need to build if you want to use pain as your motivationsometimes we never realize that dream has spirit, if your spirit has united with dream's spirit, I am sure your life journey is drastically changing, if you want the miracle of life will happen for everlasting, you need to form it with your discipline mind and put it in your habit.
if you put pain today as your motivation, the pain will make you stronger tomorrow

Every pain in every aspect in life can be turned into motivation if you use your curiosity level and great enthusiasm to find something valuable that it excites you or give you inspiration a lot, our mind has habit and our body has habit, we need to give them the integrated discipline program, pain comes from the human's social life inequality, if we don't use pain to elevate our skill, we will live together with feeling of regret because other people will get ahead of your career, sometimes we need to make an artificial emergency plan to push ourselves to get into difficult situation and learning from it, sometimes we think the word of motivation is needed to reduce pain, no, it's not going to change your life, life doesn't need promising words, but life needs promising effort, here are future's requirement for human's welfare; life needs your discipline, life needs your higher vibration from your enthusiasm, life needs your commitment, life needs your relentless drive, life needs your power of faith to manifest your creativity, life needs your practicing result and life needs your good attitude, all those requirements are needed to create momentum, remember this note; the greater momentum you make, the greater miracle will come. 

The meaning of life is not simply exist or survive, but achieve

Achieving something with your limitation

          Today I would like to share how to identify our life journey, the reason why I choose that topic because most people like to keep surviving rather than achieving new level in life journey, the main problem is satisfied mindset, many people think getting enough is none compare with others, most of them consider going to work can answer the meaning of life, in fact we will definitely lose to get more than we deserve when we don’t welcome challenge in any aspect in life, when we don’t keep practicing our skill, we keep losing the opportunity because opportunity always welcome progress, not welcoming the same story, we must challenge ourselves to accept new difficulty because life system is always progressing, we need to race with life or we will be defeated, if we just repeat our life history, we will become history and we can’t meet with new opportunity because every opportunity is designed to meet with someone who is busy to cultivate his masterpiece.

Achieving something is more important than existing only because making progress can invite the miracle of life, remember this note; if we just exist on earth without having purpose, our lives are like doll or the statue, if we decide to make living or surviving on earth, our lives are like the animals or plants, if we decide to plan and try to achieve big dream, we always get welcome from new opportunity and new challenge. that’s basic difference which can explain about the main reason why not everyone deserves to get opportunity from Almighty God (Allah), if you wish life is easier, you will not get better, so you must train your mindset first before you train your skill because the right mindset can protect your skill from negativity and great skill can kill your hope in the future if you don't train your right mindset with new challenge, here is for your note, negativity is coming from lack of resourcefulness and only right mindset can protect your craft from negativity and don't let negativity will seize our opportunity because opportunity is unpredictable.

Although we have a freedom to create everything from nothing existed, we have big responsibility to receive new risk which it can’t be represented by other creatures such as animal, mountain, earth, plants, sea, stone, snow, rain, etc. when I observe about what humans desire, there’s another problem in human’s life where they don’t want to seek it until now, namely; self-identity, means many people still are not using their supreme curiosity level to seek the information why human must exist on earth, if we know the answer, our life will never be flat and our life will be stronger and will be different from time to time.

Never be romantic about how you make money

          Today I would like to share about how you behave positively when people earn money, the reason why i choose that topic because many people feel overexcited when they can succeed to make money but they have lost the significant value because they treat the money so intensive, i review some people treat their money as their spouse, by that it means, they use money for buying money's love by following money's habit, in fact following the money's habit will decrease human's value, it's very bad influence, remember; money is like the scale tool, it can be used to increase your value or it can be used to decrease your value, money can increase the human value when people use the major money as the money investment, social charity or increasing self-reliance, money can decrease the human value when people use the major money for widening the satisfaction, such as use the major money for drinking beer, use money for buying the unexpected goods by credit card, and spend money to hold weekly party with friends, that's tragedy of life because they use major money for the minor purpose.

           Some people spend their time by bringing more ready money in their wallet and they hope they can buy good stuff although they don’t need it for daily needs, in my opinion that habit will make human's characteristic get poor, the reason why I say such thing because money will shut down people creativity and money habit will keep human thinking about price, remember; when people think about the price only, they build recession in their life journey, but if people think about the value, they can build money making machine in their mindset. Don't ask money to manifest your dream, it doesn't work, money's habit can't teach everything to human how to become valuable person because money is just facilitate the process, not the main resources, you have to find the resourcefulness within your mindset how to deal with money, such as how to make money work, how to make money integrated with successful people's habit, remember this note; when someone often to use the ready cash for following the circumstance, as impact, his mindset always get poverty because money will influence him to keep buying and buying, it’s dangerous habit.

          In my opinion, before we face with money's habit, sometimes we need to build self-reliance characteristic how to make money work for self-esteem, if we are just following the money's habit, it's part of romantic relationship in poverty because the money habit will keep human to work harder till people will start to die, in my major concern; if we don't take serious how to conquer the money's habit, money’s habit will keep human’s mindset how to become borrower, not lender, if you can change the bad money habit to follow your productive habit, your money will attract the bigger money from the unexpected circumstance.
Don't save the money after it's spent, but try to spend the money after it's saved

          Money can get you multiple opportunity when you invest your major money for major thing or major purpose such as attending the seminar, take the training program, buy book, investing money to school fee, etc. Meanwhile, money can make you stayed away from the opportunity when you focus how to spend your major money for minor thing such as eating in the luxurious restaurant weekly, watching cinema monthly, buy ice cream weekly, go at shopping center weekly for shopping, etc.      

Tragedy in life happens when there is no goal to reach

race with other competitor is not making tragedy as long as you can make progress

          Today I would like to share how to determine the good purpose by becoming the valuable person even though not many people will try to become that model, the first step how to avoid the tragedy of life is starting to evolve your knowledge, evolve your self-reliant, evolve your life experience with full responsibility, the main reason why i suggest such thing because that's requirement how to make big difference in your life story, the second step how to avoid the tragedy of life is collecting new experience from other people's experience, whether it's positive or negative, the third step how to avoid the tragedy of life is you must cultivate your habit with goal and practice your craft with discipline mind every day.
how to avoid the tragedy of life is keeping hope alive

          I am sure not everybody wants to taste the tragedy of life but i review most people build the unproductive habit in every single day such as they hang out with friend almost every week, they spend their major time for minor purpose, that's why almost every day most people feel the tragedy of life such as living extravagant, they don't have enough self-supporting, so the big problem is coming from their lifestyle, if they really need to change  their life pattern, they need to go to the sanctuary place for contemplating something, remember this note; what you plant in your habits will determine the result in many years later, if you plant the biggest effort for pursuing the money, you always get money, but not have a chance to possess an extraordinary money. furthermore; if we keep cultivating our habit with doubt, everything we see will become unclear because we plant the mental disease long time ago, remember this note; tragedy of life will happen when we repeat the cultivation process of the mental disease within our subconscious mind such as storing the outrageous fear, worrying, insecure, regret, indecisive, skeptical, overcautious and emotional instability, those are the ultimate negative side in life.
tragedy of life will slow the progress when people don't change to adapt

Remember this note; we don't need to change negativity within our subconscious mind because those mental disease already there long time ago, we only need to keep observing good thing in this life circumstance until we fall in love with something great and the good thing can inspire us to keep us growing our capability and we keep continuing our life journey with happiness all successful story you have made in the past can’t determine your future, so all good things can turn into tragedy when you stop cultivating your craft with discipline, please make note; if you don’t use your time to keep cultivating your power of mentality, time will grab your power of authority like the power of vitality, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and faith, one more thing; time can kill your biggest fortune when you keep waiting about something uncertainty, and time can attract the wealth and fortune when you keep practicing your craft.

Here is for your note; don’t put your major mistake as your tragedy of life because it’s part of relearning process which can teach you how to understand something better, sometimes mistake is designed to make someone realized that he has created the unworthy thing in his major opportunity, in my personal advice; when you just upgrade your knowledge without growing any enthusiasm, it’s useless because knowledge will inject your mind with the mental disease, so you must upgrade your philosophy and enthusiasm as your guidance system because it can guide you how to survive your skill, furthermore good philosophy and enthusiasm can help you to see opportunity and discard bad habit. 

The wrong people always give you the right lessons

          Today I would like to share about the human’s attitude, in the society life, many people are getting quarreled with another group because they think they have the right principle, they have a good facility and they have the accountable people, most of the time they have spent just talk about the target, plan, budget, but most people have no time to ponder about the wrong lesson from their own community, why would it be? the answer is "people just beg for fortune from the community but they don't beg the wrong lesson for stopping the inessential value in that community".

         In my personal opinion, don't just pick up good lesson from the successful people because you will get disappointed when you can't achieve the big reward like what the successful people get, but if you pick up wrong lesson for the wrong people, you have multiple options how to filter your activity whether you need to add some points to avoid the same mistake or you will discard the inessential thing from what you do in your activity, that's life of how to become good listener and being good doer, remember; the community doesn’t guarantee your successful career, even though many successful people live in that community, the community is being established to help you thinking like you are going to school, furthermore; every people has own problem before they come to that community, so the most important thing is being good observer and take a note something valuable from the community and create your own successful by defeating yourself because only you are the biggest competitor in this life, the greatest success story in life is determined by personal success story by applying their own philosophy, success is like DNA, it can be formed by making a practice and give utmost dedication.

In my opinion, don’t just come to ask the mentors to do what you need to do or you collect the valuable information from the successful people’s story, the truth is their life journey have surpassed ahead towards your life journey experience, you need to seek as many as valuable information until you find something matched with your capacity, the mentors and the successful people will not tell you about the biggest mistake because they don't know how to collect the biggest mistake, remember; the biggest mistake are not coming from the bullying process, but the biggest mistakes is coming from your fixed life journey where you can't find the biggest resources to resolve your internal problem, try to become a curious child and get excited to learn new mistake, when you know your biggest mistake, you are entitled to live happiness, prospering and get natural death.

 Remember; Good people will always tell about the good information you need to know, that’s the common truth, but when you don’t want to learn the mistake from other people’s experience, you will feel the bigger mistake rather than the unsuccessful people’s biggest mistake, that’s disaster of life, starting from now, you better to refine your philosophy and try to get the valuable information from the wrong people as much as you can do, don’t laugh towards their mistakes, we only need to appreciate the wrong people and be good listener, perhaps we can help the wrong people to rectify their biggest mistake.

 the magic formula in life; we don’t need a perfect life to refine our mistakes, we only need a developed life journey because we don't know when the life journey will end, every mistakes is created to avoid the same mistake happening, every mistake can’t create a good principle, mistakes are just tools to measure the progress and monitor how you keep studying well until you can apply some disciplined mind in your specific scope, so don’t ever try to change mistake, your main job in this life is just collecting your own mistake, cultivating your own experience with disciplined mind, collecting other people's experience and don’t ever try to apply the bad philosophy in your future, you only need to study something what you really need and discard what’s inessential thing from this life.

Our limitation is fixed mindset

          Today I would like to share about the human’s limitation, we all know every human has limitation, but there's difference between human being and other creatures, the difference are coming from faith, mindset and attitude, the other creature such fire, earth, wind, sea, animal and plants are not entitled to have something great like what humans possession, only  human can create something that it doesn’t exist yet, even though humans have entitled to use the incredible power, the human must break their limitation, the basic of human limitation are determined into philosophy, mindset, faith and attitude.

          The humans limitation can be fixed by creating new activity that it makes you started difficulty when you start about it the reason why you must engage the difficult thing because that it's requirement how to help you to upgrade your mindset unless you want to live growth but can't go anywhere, like a tree, in this life there is always competition, if humans want to get better payment, they must change their philosophy first, that's most important thing because it can influence the way people behave and the way people's thinking, if you just work for money, you will work until you die and you can't go anywhere because your habit has been tied with the circle of hell, that’s the beginning process that human’s skill can’t grow up and it becomes long term limitation, remember; all good thing in life can be attracted when you have met with the requirement, such as having good philosophy, being good reader, being good doer, having good mindset and being good observer, if you don't meet with the requirement mentioned, everything in your life will be looked the same from year after year.

The multiple of income is coming from the unique philosophy, if someone has unique philosophy, means he can do something valuable rather what most people don't do, I understand that everybody has limitation, including me, but every limitation gradually grow when people start to train their curiosity level to observe about other people's experience, that's simple way how to ponder new information, remember this note; if you collect the new information without cultivating your mind with applying discipline, all information you have learned will not change your life, the main reason why not everyone has great opportunity in the rest of their life because most people don't take opportunity when they see it around and most people neglect in the presence of opportunity.
Fixed mindset

 Remember; not all human body can be developed, only human’s attitude, human’s mindset, human's faith and human philosophy can be developed to attract the unlimited wealth, here are several challenge you need to do if you want all the good things in this universe will work for you, the first thing you need to do is embrace new challenge where you haven’t tried before, that’s first requirement, the second thing you need to do is practice your philosophy and train your emotion how to feel good any circumstance until you find something inspired and get you excited with it, if your emotion can feel happiness in whatever situation whether it's good circumstance or bad circumstance, your life will welcome whatever problem without feeling interrupted or complaining and you will become life author.

Darkness of life is ignorance

Ignorant people always block the information without selecting it first

            Today I would like to share how to recognize about the darkness of life, as we know that life has many complex pattern, it has a natural system and also life has provided the unlimited information to anyone who wants to learn it, if humans don't want to use it for self-motivation, the humans existence have no difference with the animal existence,  in this case, ignorance is part of human's lifestyle, it's really bad if humans will apply it in the daily life, the reason why we must rid of the ignorance from our habit because it can educate many people to reject any information which may contains the good thing for them.

      Ignorance is part of self defense system which may block any information to enter in the human's mind, as if people didn't intend to seek the light during they are walking in the darkness place, remember this note; light and darkness are living side by side, darkness doesn't need the light to be living longer on earth because the darkness is designed to stop the evolution process and the darkness has own system to live, meanwhile the light's existence will not interrupt the darkness to be living because the light and the darkness are mixed become oneness, both are like difficulty and opportunity, the darkness is represented by difficulty and the light is represented by opportunity.

        Here is the truth that many people don't know about it; darkness can measure whether the power of light is too dim or too bright, in this case, the darkness can develop something into the mysterious way and it's power is very difficult to be controlled because it has tremendous power as well as it is untouchable by human's power, so my personal advice; don’t linger too long in the darkness because you will be treated as prisoner, the reason why i say such thing because human's capacity is very limited, whereas the darkness's capacity is unlimited, so the darkness will keep you staying with the same qualification from time to time without giving any clue how to get out from the darkness because you can't make deal with it, the darkness equals with the ignorance, i have ever said before "the biggest enemy is ourselves", means if we are willingly to stay with the darkness, means the darkness will give us the greatest dissatisfaction in this life and the darkness can’t give us the greatest enthusiasm, as negative impact of it, we will cultivate the stupidity.

If you want to enjoy the life, don’t live in the darkness without bringing good preparation, for example; if you enter the darkness place for several minutes without bringing the flashlight or torch, you will get fear, anxious, worry, sadness, angry and pessimism because you get caught with the darkness's side effect, that’s the key how to face the truth about the power of darknessin the daily activity we often see people who are trapped into their own darkness such as, seeing people get anxious when they lost their job, some people feel sad when their relationship are broken, some people feel worry when they lost money, etc, so gathering the information is wise decision during facing this casewe can’t be casual when we face the darkness in the reality of life because darkness is having very dangerous power, if we keep casual during facing the darkness, we will always lose opportunity because opportunity has been gnawed by the darkness.
ignorance means lack of knowledge

In my personal advice; don’t underestimate with power of darkness because it will not give you better future, so please pay attention to the tiny detail because every detail will count your progress in life, being a good listener and being a good doer are part of good attitudes because it can help you to stay away from the darkness's power and you can maximize your skill to welcome opportunity, In my personal advice, if you want to avoid the darkness in life, you must be a good listener and a good doer, the reason why I advise you to obsess about those attitudes because it can educate you how to keep collecting the valuable information from other people’s experience, either a good experience or a bad experience, only being ignorant person can’t receive the valuable thing because his own mindset reject that idea and he feels comfortable in darkness of life.