Always deliver more than expected

          Today I would like to share about the power of giving, the power of caring and the power of love, the reason why I choose that topic because there are many people are wanting more, desire more and demanding more than they can afford, remember; people who always expect higher reward than they can deliver of something benefit, they never have good chance to get the power of giving from miracle of life, the main reason why we must have the power of giving because life is designed to give what we deserve it, so in this article I will widen people’s gaze about how to build self-esteem through human’s habit, human's attitude and human's mindset, now I start with human’s habit first, the main reason why I put human’s habit is the top priority to be learned because habit will control our activity, then the unlimited power comes from habit and emotional intelligence is born from attitude, if people want to build product at the first time, they must train their mindset, their attitude and their habit to deliver bigger value more than their expectation, that's life's demand to make us living better.

If we see about the human’s social life recently, the majority people are only thinking about the daily needs, self-satisfaction and how to earn money, in my opinion; that’s how life will end the human’s hope, the reason why life will do the cruel thing because humans are eager to staying with the same standard and humans are reluctant to change for the future, here is for your note; life is not teaching how to enjoy life like someone is going to spend money and spend time with free of charge, if we keep doing that habit for too long, our future will be killed with procrastination, laziness, ignorance, doubt, and negativity.

The human’s Life is like clay, when we don’t learn how to cultivate the clay’s shape, our lives will be ending like clay; shapeless, worthlessness, insecure and useless, another the word of clay is represented by creativity and idea, when I review in the society's life, very few people think how to build dream because they are too concerned with the money and they just train their mindset how to earn more money, remember this; when they forget about how to upgrade self-reliance, money will follow the human's value and when people follow the money value, human's value drastically goes down because the money value decline year by year and it never grow up, that’s main reason why life really hates when people put their last hope to the money because money value will never help humans to grow up skill, here is the purpose of life; nurturing something isn't exist to be living and showing its existence to give benefit.
deliver a service more than expected

Here is the note; opportunity will follow something alive and opportunity will approach the completed existence, I give you example to make you understand easier; opportunity is represented by honey bee and flower's blooming is represented by the human skill, when the flower is blooming then honey bee is approaching, once the flower is not blooming yet, the honey bee will never approach it, that’s principle of life, the lesson we can take it namely; when humans never practice skill, humans will never get opportunity.