Awakening is a destructive process

butterfly has to make destruction process from its cocoon to wake up new generation

          Today I would like to share about how to become valuable person by breaking our limitation and breaking our fixed mindset, the reason why I choose that topic because many people lost their self-worth because they are bored and they are not interested about their life journey and they just prioritize how to get money and make living like a money making machine, in this article I will share how to awaken the gigantic potential by doing some destructive process, now what's destructive process meaning? the kind of act how to manifest new thing by destructing the unproductive thing and how to unlock the potential's seal, remember this note; every greatness comes from within, not from outside, when greatness is destructed from outside, the future ends but when greatness is destructed from within, a new life is born, by that it means, only you can do the awakening process by breaking your potential's seal, the destructive process can be done by applying your abundance of desire, if you want to see the awakening process is working, you have to have the ability to adapt with uncomfortable zone, learn how to unlock your potential by enhancing your highest curiosity level and learn how to defeat your laziness, remember this note; every greatness can't be built by fulfilling your satisfaction, but every greatness can be built by applying your journal list, make progress and do the repetition.

rest your mind from outer worlds pollutant and do something with peaceful mind 

The soul awakening is failed when you don't make new subject in every day, means you have to do something in positive the way you have never did before, i just remind you, human is God's unique creature, at the first time humans are born with having no knowledge, having no skill, having no motivation, having no good role model, having no hope and having no life journey, but all can be changed by touching of willingness and power of choice, by that it means humans must use their limitation to find about the truth.
Soul searching process is part of awakening

Here are five signs of justice from the creator of the universe; before humans are born on earth, Almighty GOD (Allah) has given several gifts to human being; 1. time, 2.creativity, 3.the potential energy, 4.imagination, 5.freedom, those five signs of justice can be used  to determine the human’s destiny in the future, before we are given those gifts, our brain memory are  emptied from the valuable information in order to make evidence where in the life’s system, there is no interruption process from the third party and also there's no cheating process from the third party, that's the sign of justice from the creator of universe, now the human’s main job in this life is working, here are the derivatives of "the purpose of working"; working how to find the valuable information in order to seek the truth, working how to build the personal's emotional characteristic, working to awaken the spiritual intelligence to unlock the human’s potential, and working how to increase the human’s inborn ability, after you complete it, money will pursue you because money only ins interested with the human's value.
chicken needs the right time duration to hatch, without undergoing the completion time, he dies 

 i have ever heard that the biggest enemy is ourselves, the main reason why we must awaken our subconscious mind and inborn ability because there is another side from darkness's life which is living side by side within human's life, by that in case, we need to struggle and study how to make all the life system are going to work within our limitation, remember this note; we can't defeat the darkness within life, but we can accept to learn how to adapt and minimize the darkness effect.
don't let the darkness will blow up your light of hope, keep it alive

Here are the darkness of life which is living side by side within our soul such as ignorance, doubt, laziness, procrastination, self-righteous, regret and satisfaction, those darkness of life will attack to the human’s resourcefulness when humans are eager to linger for to live with same standard of knowledge, the reason why we must live side by side with darkness of life because human is part of the universe, the darkness is designed to control power that it can't be changed, it can't be replaced because it's too dangerous, so if people won't make any progress, the darkness will exterminate the power of hope, the reason why we need to keep studying because our darkness is not willing to stay in progress, progress is like the sunlight's power, it's keep moving, discipline, and consistency.