Darkness of life is ignorance

Ignorant people always block the information without selecting it first

            Today I would like to share how to recognize about the darkness of life, as we know that life has many complex pattern, it has a natural system and also life has provided the unlimited information to anyone who wants to learn it, if humans don't want to use it for self-motivation, the humans existence have no difference with the animal existence,  in this case, ignorance is part of human's lifestyle, it's really bad if humans will apply it in the daily life, the reason why we must rid of the ignorance from our habit because it can educate many people to reject any information which may contains the good thing for them.

      Ignorance is part of self defense system which may block any information to enter in the human's mind, as if people didn't intend to seek the light during they are walking in the darkness place, remember this note; light and darkness are living side by side, darkness doesn't need the light to be living longer on earth because the darkness is designed to stop the evolution process and the darkness has own system to live, meanwhile the light's existence will not interrupt the darkness to be living because the light and the darkness are mixed become oneness, both are like difficulty and opportunity, the darkness is represented by difficulty and the light is represented by opportunity.

        Here is the truth that many people don't know about it; darkness can measure whether the power of light is too dim or too bright, in this case, the darkness can develop something into the mysterious way and it's power is very difficult to be controlled because it has tremendous power as well as it is untouchable by human's power, so my personal advice; don’t linger too long in the darkness because you will be treated as prisoner, the reason why i say such thing because human's capacity is very limited, whereas the darkness's capacity is unlimited, so the darkness will keep you staying with the same qualification from time to time without giving any clue how to get out from the darkness because you can't make deal with it, the darkness equals with the ignorance, i have ever said before "the biggest enemy is ourselves", means if we are willingly to stay with the darkness, means the darkness will give us the greatest dissatisfaction in this life and the darkness can’t give us the greatest enthusiasm, as negative impact of it, we will cultivate the stupidity.

If you want to enjoy the life, don’t live in the darkness without bringing good preparation, for example; if you enter the darkness place for several minutes without bringing the flashlight or torch, you will get fear, anxious, worry, sadness, angry and pessimism because you get caught with the darkness's side effect, that’s the key how to face the truth about the power of darknessin the daily activity we often see people who are trapped into their own darkness such as, seeing people get anxious when they lost their job, some people feel sad when their relationship are broken, some people feel worry when they lost money, etc, so gathering the information is wise decision during facing this casewe can’t be casual when we face the darkness in the reality of life because darkness is having very dangerous power, if we keep casual during facing the darkness, we will always lose opportunity because opportunity has been gnawed by the darkness.
ignorance means lack of knowledge

In my personal advice; don’t underestimate with power of darkness because it will not give you better future, so please pay attention to the tiny detail because every detail will count your progress in life, being a good listener and being a good doer are part of good attitudes because it can help you to stay away from the darkness's power and you can maximize your skill to welcome opportunity, In my personal advice, if you want to avoid the darkness in life, you must be a good listener and a good doer, the reason why I advise you to obsess about those attitudes because it can educate you how to keep collecting the valuable information from other people’s experience, either a good experience or a bad experience, only being ignorant person can’t receive the valuable thing because his own mindset reject that idea and he feels comfortable in darkness of life.