How to let go your unproductive habit

          Today I would like to share how to let go your unproductive habit, the reason why I choose that topic because in the reality of life many people don't realize about what they must do or what they mustn't do in the daily habit, the unproductive habit is  like the glue, it will not give you dangerous thing but it will make your life journey is walking slower to make movement during chasing dream or target, the main reason why most people like to maintenance the unproductive habit because most people consider the unproductive habit will create new energy and extraordinary refreshment, but the truth is the human can't create energy, human has been entrusted by this life system to use it for the right purpose or doing for the unnecessary purpose, this life phase is coming very brief, we only need a brief circumstance and we need the right moment to use energy maximally for fulfilling the daily purpose, energy is easy to come and go away, so please be careful at this step because opportunity will come and goes when we don't to use the energy for the right thing.
        in this article I would explain how to let go your unproductive habit, remember; the unproductive habit will change your productive habit when you don't practice what is your talent for the right purpose, in my personal advice, don't underestimate the power of habit because habit is like unstoppable running machine, when you don't control your habit, habit will give you instruction how to produce the unproductive habit, that's the truth, start from now, you must try to ponder how far your life's journey has completed or how much target you haven't finished yet, remember this note; if you have productive habit, you should do something when other most people don't do because basically the productive person always prioritize the time to make it as  daily investment and also they spend their leisure time to create product or create valuable thing for the future, but if you keep cultivating your unproductive habit, you can't make an exceptional life journey because you just pass the day by doing something you make it repetitive, the final word you just do what the most ordinary people do.

The unproductive habits is making your life journey can't see the opportunity, the unproductive person always learns nothing at anything moment in the leisure time and their skill don't evolve, if people know the unproductive habit will produce the negative impact for the future, why they keep insisting to do it? because they can't see clearly about the probability of success and they think the unproductive habit will not change the good situation, besides that the unproductive person doesn’t have good philosophy to change the situation, no wonder their life journey are so boring, not excited, stagnant and not inspiring anymore.

Remember this note; if you keep cultivating your mind with unproductive activity, your habit will push you to do something with no significant progress, means you are working forever for your unproductive habitthe difference between the unproductive habit's impact and the productive habit's impact can be determined by seeing the last record they have made in every day, the unproductive habit will not give any good opportunity to people, except it's giving a big loss, meanwhile, the productive habit will always give people opportunity to measure the progress about the daily activity and they face the reality with full excitement, in my personal advice, the unproductive habit is obviously teaching someone how to bury his creativity and increase his greedy level, if you want to let go of your unproductive habit, you must change your lifestyle by creating new plan first and willingly to stay committed to feel uncomfortable by learning something good in consistent way.