How to make miracle work for everybody

          Today I would like to share how to make miracle work for everybody, the reason why I choose that topic because many people lost their miracle because they intend to be ignorant and they always demand something bigger rather than maximizing their capacity, in this article I don’t want everybody will put the blame to the life system, most of them forget that life is always neutral, means it moves based on the directional stability, life system can't be controlled by human being, besides that, the life system will give the best respond to humans when humans have something like what universe possess, means you must have possessed the universe's characteristic such as; discipline, consistency, courage, evolve,  patience, commitment, dedication and many others good characteristic, so before you attract something powerful from the life, you must train yourself how to become an attractive person who has more than one skill, that’s requirement you need to make it to welcome miracle, remember this note; miracle will provide the biggest reward when humans shows the signs of the uniqueness, the more unique you are, the more miracle will work for you, the miracle won't work when you are eager not being unique person or you just follow other people's resourcefulness, so you must concern and practice about what you have, not concern what you don't have, the more you demand something that is not your own right, the more disappointed you will be

Miracle is like the strongest and the fastest signal in the world, I will give an example to make you comprehend better; imagine that human’s skill is represented by the cellphone's 2G signal and the miracle is like 4G signal, when you lost your cellphone's signal, then you will try to reconnect your cellphone’s 2G signal to achieve 4G signal, then you realize that your cellphone's signal wave isn't strong enough, so based on the representation above, we can conclude that the main problem is not coming from 4G signal but it’s coming from your cellphone's signal because your cellphone's device doesn't support 4G signal, remember this note; no responses doesn’t mean your cellphone hasn’t received response, but the circumstance says 4G signal is too strong and unreachable, so your cellphone isn't ready, in the human's life, it's has the same condition, when you realize your qualification can’t fit with the opportunity, don’t blame the opportunity, but you need to upgrade your personal qualification until you become valuable person.

When I was kid, I started to understand why my life pattern was stagnant, then I found the problem, so the problem was "I didn't know what should I do when I saw the miracle", means I taught myself how to be ignorant, here is for your note; when you want to make your life pattern is changing, don't spend your time to wait something great without having much resourcefulness, when you keep waiting, you just prolong your feeling of disappointment, the miracle will not come unless you succeed to change your belief system. Remember this note; if you want to attract the miracle's attention, you need to be great contributor, besides that you need to ask about yourself "what the miracle is important to you?" when you don't know how to answer it, you will never get the power of miracle.