How to turn pain into motivation

only discipline and enthusiasm can turn your pain into motivation

          Today I would like to share how to turn pain into motivation, the main reason I choose that topic because not everyone wants to learn from the pain they have suffered at the working place or the studying place, they consider pain is inevitable and can’t be learned, in this case i agree that the pain of life is inevitable because pain of life comes from the human's social life inequality, but the problem is "not everyone wants to get opportunity because they already cultivated their mindset with negativity as the priority and they don't realize their power of desire has blocked everything", remember this note; only complainers demand something greater than what they can invest something good for futurethe first point what I can understand from that explanation: the act of demanding is part of irresponsibility and inequality, the first key how to turn pain into motivation is making power of dream and you pull it with your truly belief, if you do some activities without building a great enthusiasm, as impact of it, you create more recession and you will be pushed by life to repeat the unproductive mistake, here is for your note; the more you lack of idea, the more doubt you will produce.
practice your mind with an artificial emergency plan

I know every person will get pain in this life such as feeling of disappointment, anxious, pessimistic, act of blaming, doubt, indecisive, regret, procrastination, etc. Remember; all those mental diseases can be cured when we start to build enthusiasm and try to achieve a long term plan around 1-5 year, then you must ensure that you practice during first one year period, make record in your daily practice, break the target record and surpass the last target record, that’s the lifestyle you need to build if you want to use pain as your motivationsometimes we never realize that dream has spirit, if your spirit has united with dream's spirit, I am sure your life journey is drastically changing, if you want the miracle of life will happen for everlasting, you need to form it with your discipline mind and put it in your habit.
if you put pain today as your motivation, the pain will make you stronger tomorrow

Every pain in every aspect in life can be turned into motivation if you use your curiosity level and great enthusiasm to find something valuable that it excites you or give you inspiration a lot, our mind has habit and our body has habit, we need to give them the integrated discipline program, pain comes from the human's social life inequality, if we don't use pain to elevate our skill, we will live together with feeling of regret because other people will get ahead of your career, sometimes we need to make an artificial emergency plan to push ourselves to get into difficult situation and learning from it, sometimes we think the word of motivation is needed to reduce pain, no, it's not going to change your life, life doesn't need promising words, but life needs promising effort, here are future's requirement for human's welfare; life needs your discipline, life needs your higher vibration from your enthusiasm, life needs your commitment, life needs your relentless drive, life needs your power of faith to manifest your creativity, life needs your practicing result and life needs your good attitude, all those requirements are needed to create momentum, remember this note; the greater momentum you make, the greater miracle will come.