Human are not born to pay the bill

          Today I would like to share about the human’s purpose in life, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are not excited about future because they faced too many problems in the previous days such as paying the bill, this problem has happened almost 6000 thousand years recorded, i worry that's kind of mindset would make human hope in the future likely always been the same, now what will we do if tomorrow is going to be same with today?, here is for your note; you must train your mind to feel good about the past, if you can't take one of the best lesson from your past, you would not get new idea which may help you how to minimize the negative impact of  problem, the key to make your future is having much different than today is making progress by breaking last record you note in your journal, when you get new fabulous idea from different days, you can try to build your future by avoiding the unproductive habit such as paying the bill, if you are busy to work for your dream, i am certain you will not do it for money because you understand dream can't be built by having much money or paying the bill, but dream can be built by implementing the discipline mind, strong commitment, courage, dedication, strong faith and consistency, i am optimistic, if you keep doing such thing, you will become valuable person and your dream will pay your bill eventually

         Most people consider the purpose of life is making living by earning a lot of money, but the truth is people are demanded to improve about life guidance system  within their mindset and become more valuable person, remember this note; if people are born to pay the bill, so the universe will be perished automatically because not everyone is able to pay the bill, furthermore; the purpose of life is not asking you to work for money but you will be asked by this universe to become good student, where you can use your time to practice until you have special talent, remember this note; when your special talent has completed because of the training result, so your special talent will become a money making machine and it can pay your bill here is for your note; money is created not to prolong the human’s lives, but money is created to facilitate people to fulfill what people’s need, besides that money can’t give you a guarantee how to make a fortune because that's not requirement that life wants.

Starting from now, please don’t dangle your future to the sum of money, if you keep doing that, you will face the insurmountable problem in the futureplease don’t let money can buy your future, if you let this condition happening to you, it will create the negative impact to your skill or creativity, finally you will work for money until you die, finally you are forced by life to pay the bill for everlastinghere is the key how to make an extraordinary of the life journey; please don't waste your money to enhance your pleasure because the money value will blockade your future to get evolved, you need to evolve your skill till you can create masterpiece, the essential of life on earth is use the power of faith to create something valuable from something does not exist.

 Remember this note; money is like a raging fire, it would be useful when you set fire to warm your body from freezing or you set fire to cook something, but it would not be useful when you linger not to extinguish the fire for all day long, why is that? Because fire will burn your all good stuff or burn your hope in the future, that’s example will bring the negative impact to humans livesthe human’s future will be perish when humans are being so busy to pursue the money, when the time shows the money value will decrease, as impact from it, so the human’s value will decrease as well.

Increase self-worth will not make you die for nothing because your self-worth has created the masterpiece for anybody and you will be remembered as first living a life worth, here is for your note; when you are busy to improve your skill or improve your philosophy, the universe will pay your bill through your masterpiece and you don't need to think deeply how to pay bill anymore, when there is life, there is hope, when hope is still alive, the human's masterpiece will be there.