Life doesn’t get better by chance, but it gets better by change

fishes must change their strategy ability if they want to move to another tanks

          Today I would like to share how to make life gets better, the main reason I choose that topic because many people think this life will get better when they already received from what they get reward from life, the truth; human will never receive what they want if they don't invest great determination and great enthusiasm to scale up creativity in every single day, besides that human's destiny can be changed by welcoming a chance and make it as stepping stone to make continuously big change, by that it means everybody has the same chance to make some self-improvement within 24 hours, now the changing process will be increased or it will be decreased  based how people can use the power of choice, if people can succeed to adapt with the difficulties situation, I am really sure people will stop complaining and start to study, remember this note; this life has never offered any challenge to human if humans don't make progress, if there is no progress which can bring good impact to humans lives, chance will never appear to human environment.
every challenge will drive you to the new change and wisdom

            Life will take back human's resources when humans don’t invest something valuable resources to the future, that's the key how to save our future from the intruder's influence, the word of "intruder" namely procrastination, pessimistic, and indecisive, sometimes this life can transform by becoming the intruder when we don't defend our resourceslife will not stop giving the lesson to human as long as humans will learn from mistake, there are many ways we can change our standards, here are my opinions; we can start how to become good listener, self-motivated, good planner, and be an insatiable doer by creating masterpiece, remember; only the right mindset can produce the way how to overcome problem and discard what inessential thing, we can conclude the right mindset is part of efficient method how to raise human's standard of living.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice our time and capitals to make a study, life is always teaching where people never have it from the formal education, life is giving best response when humans already give the best preparation for future, without having preparation, we always be loser because we are not ready to accept the risk, remember this note; Only the power of choice can change something different within human's life story, if you write down the same story as you were writing the story in yesterday, future will break your hope and break your enthusiasm.

The key how to change yourself is stay committed, stop blaming, stop making an excuses and stop arguing about type of resources you don’t have, showing your relentless decisiveness is more powerful rather than keep waiting, act of waiting can’t create a drastically changes in your life story, waiting can’t offer new chance to improve your craft, chance will offers you extraordinary challenge when you are ready to show your ability, chance knows better than you, so don’t ask chance to welcome you but let your resources welcome a chance, furthermore, life can create an incredible chance when you already have enough resourcefulness in your mind.