Life is about creating yourself

          Today I would like to share about how to make our life are better and evolve, the main reason why I choose that topic because many people choose how to become copying machine whether they don't know how to create new life, so they become follower from other people, in fact life is asking everyone to be unique, when everyone is trying to become others, the universe will not give humans a potential source of vibration to evolve human’s skill and the key how to design new life is practicing what’s your great passion through your mind, if we can’t improve how to make our passion getting evolved, our passion will be ending like the feeling of satisfaction, in my personal advice, don’t let your passion turning into the feeling of satisfaction if you want to create a better future, that’s the major key. When I see some people in the public place, some of them are looking good stuff at the market place because they  are interested with visual, now if we talk about better future, it is connecting with product, here is for reminding note; if tomorrow we can't design the good product by using our capable hands, our future will be the same like yesterdayif we can't see there’s something important from our value rather than good stuff, we can't become valuable person and if we think the good stuff is more valuable than our skill, we will work for the money till we die, finally our lives is like a price tag.

          The words of “Creating yourself” means you have to improve what you need to improve and you don’t need to improve what you can’t improve, the beginning of process “creativity”, every creativity can be manifested when we can interpret about problem, if we consider problem as new problem, we can’t solve simple problem, means we can’t nurture something to be valuable for the future, if we consider problem as a stepping stone to reach new opportunity, we will become a life design creator, so if we want to start a new life creator, we can train our mind to observe something differently from life’s circumstance or we can try to observe about the tiny detail from people’s habit, keep observing is the starting point how to open the gate of opportunity, the first thing we must do if we want to open the gate of opportunity; keep learning from the people’s experience whether it's bad or good experience, this purpose is used to measure whether our habit has potential to create a good experience or a bad experience.

          Building life is like painting good stuff from sketch, we need to visualize at the first time about what shape we want to manifest to the reality, then we design about the shape, measurement, height, width, length in the canvas to maximize our power of focus and imagination during making the process of picture's shape, then we use our hands to practice until the manifestation process is done to the canvas, that’s the sign of miracle of life, it may looks impossible because the process isn’t finished yet, but when all process are done, it’s called masterpiece, it’s same way with our personal value, the purpose of creating ourselves in life, namely we must maximize our potential to create masterpiece, remember; life is about making creation, without any creation, passion is nothing.