Our limitation is fixed mindset

          Today I would like to share about the human’s limitation, we all know every human has limitation, but there's difference between human being and other creatures, the difference are coming from faith, mindset and attitude, the other creature such fire, earth, wind, sea, animal and plants are not entitled to have something great like what humans possession, only  human can create something that it doesn’t exist yet, even though humans have entitled to use the incredible power, the human must break their limitation, the basic of human limitation are determined into philosophy, mindset, faith and attitude.

          The humans limitation can be fixed by creating new activity that it makes you started difficulty when you start about it the reason why you must engage the difficult thing because that it's requirement how to help you to upgrade your mindset unless you want to live growth but can't go anywhere, like a tree, in this life there is always competition, if humans want to get better payment, they must change their philosophy first, that's most important thing because it can influence the way people behave and the way people's thinking, if you just work for money, you will work until you die and you can't go anywhere because your habit has been tied with the circle of hell, that’s the beginning process that human’s skill can’t grow up and it becomes long term limitation, remember; all good thing in life can be attracted when you have met with the requirement, such as having good philosophy, being good reader, being good doer, having good mindset and being good observer, if you don't meet with the requirement mentioned, everything in your life will be looked the same from year after year.

The multiple of income is coming from the unique philosophy, if someone has unique philosophy, means he can do something valuable rather what most people don't do, I understand that everybody has limitation, including me, but every limitation gradually grow when people start to train their curiosity level to observe about other people's experience, that's simple way how to ponder new information, remember this note; if you collect the new information without cultivating your mind with applying discipline, all information you have learned will not change your life, the main reason why not everyone has great opportunity in the rest of their life because most people don't take opportunity when they see it around and most people neglect in the presence of opportunity.
Fixed mindset

 Remember; not all human body can be developed, only human’s attitude, human’s mindset, human's faith and human philosophy can be developed to attract the unlimited wealth, here are several challenge you need to do if you want all the good things in this universe will work for you, the first thing you need to do is embrace new challenge where you haven’t tried before, that’s first requirement, the second thing you need to do is practice your philosophy and train your emotion how to feel good any circumstance until you find something inspired and get you excited with it, if your emotion can feel happiness in whatever situation whether it's good circumstance or bad circumstance, your life will welcome whatever problem without feeling interrupted or complaining and you will become life author.