Problem is like washing machines

          Today I would like to share about the philosophy of problem, maybe you consider it as the daily food for your thought, but in this article I would expand something different and also I will explain the main reason why we need to learn about problem, the first thing you must do when problem approaches you is don't judge carelessly when you accept the problem at the first time, if you judge carelessly at the first time, you can't escape from the game of life, I talk like this not because to make you fear or make you pessimistic, but I will invite you to think like the wise person, actually problem is like Almighty God's education system, the more you learn, then the more you wise, without problem existence, we can't grow up like plants which is embedded in the soilwhen your mindset keeps thinking positively about the problem, i am optimistic that you will not feel afraid or feel perplexed when you face other problem because your mindset has been trained beforehand and only the curious people who welcome Almighty God's plan with courage and hope, here I tell you that the problem is like the washing machines, please imagine that you are part of cloth, once you enter the washing machine, the washing machine will start to spin you, knock you around, flip you several times and try to discard the bad thing or the inessential thing from your mind.

              In the end story, the problem will educate you how to design your future to be better, brighter, looks promising, so it doesn’t matter whether you have made a big mistake in every day or not, those mistakes will help you how to clear your mind from the negative pollutant, remember this note; not every mistake is considered as the major problem, you can become major problem candidate if you stop learning and stop nurturing your mind with knowledge, mistake is part of learning process, it looks difficult to accept the process, but in the end you will get more solution from it, sometimes problem will help you to increase value and sometimes problem can decrease your value if you make an excuses to neglect it, in the life history, more than six thousands of years been recorded that the problem's capacity is bigger and better than human’s capacity, for everlasting we can’t blame the problem because problem is just tool to make us contemplated about the misunderstanding which may happen in your routine activity, here is something important for your note; don't let any problem will affect and determine your future, although the problem capacity is bigger than the human's capacity, if we discipline to practice what we can do every day, instead of problem will increase your standard of living and improving your economy.

          Mistake is part of learning process because the human’s mind is designed to be empty at beginning process, we can’t deny this reality of life, we only have choice to decide whether problem can become as self-supporting or we consider problem as the brain killing machine, without any problem in our surroundings area, we are unable to increase our maturity level because basically all problem are designed to become washing machine, in the positive side of problem; problem can give you an idea, problem can give you a job, problem can give you option how to make the best decision, problem can give you a chance how to help other people’s weakness, problem will educate you how to discard what inessential thing from your brain memory, problem will increase your self-reliance, problem can give a help how to improve your creation.

          Here is the negative side of problem; the problem will give you label of becoming the major troublemaker if you don’t want to adapt with the series game of life, problem will give you the trap if you don’t want to be careful person during playing the game of life, problem will kill your hope and kill your luck if you don't practice how to improve your mentality and hard skill, before you play the game of life, you must read the instruction, you must study with the trusted references, you must practice with discipline, you keep consistent during improving the self-knowledge and keep curious how to produce idea, hopefully after you read this article, you will open up your mind and welcome every problem then make it as your knowledge leverage.


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