Stop saying “I wish”, start saying “I will”

"power of curiosity" will make your life is on the up

          Today I would like to share about the human’s experience, especially when people wish to change the bad thing to be  the valuable thing, in society, many people just wish to change the life circumstance, but they never try to pick up the clue how to take risk, in addition they consider the act of changing will make a devastating process, in fact new change will not be happening by offering a new hope, but new change can be changed by making a contingency plan, remember this note; hope can’t change the situation from bad thing to become good thing, the bad situation isn't changed not because of hope’s existence but it is caused by the majority people who reject the possibility of new change, hope is just tool to indicate that someone has a plan to change something has never existed before, in my personal advice; don’t be easy to say “I wish” because it indicates that someone has a powerless desire, sometimes we need to struggle and do what we really need to do, not by chance but you are eager to change, life is working like a season, it can’t be changed  by human because life system is always neutral, but if human want to change their life design to be an extraordinary life, human must create a masterpiece, the greatest masterpiece is lies on relentless commitment.
be curious child and have faith to keep moving forward

Don’t ever underestimate the power of willingness because it can open up your mind to receive more wisdom and it will create a new possibility to evolve your capability, sometimes we never assume the power of choice will change human’s habit, but there is none extremely powerful method to change habit, unless making a choice, if we just make a wish only, the days will ruin our future, the power of choice is always knocking human's mind when we linger too long in undeveloped situation, remember this note; the power of choice can’t determine all options we want to manifest to the reality, so the first step we need to do is finding the valuable information how to get our moods becoming excitement, the power of choice is the best answer how to clear human's doubt from the powerless desire, in my opinion, by giving feeling of full excitement to their mind, at least we can change "the power of i wish" to become "the unstoppable eagerness", life is working based on by its own system, so humans don't have authority to change the life’s working pattern, human only need to change their direction of philosophy such as studying how to behave positively, studying how to leave bad habit, studying how to find lost passion.
miracle is happening because there are power of willingness and power of execution

I am really optimistic, when you set your good philosophy "I will" as your guidance system in life, you no longer need to waiting someone to fix you because only you can define your successful story, in this life you don't need to clear your wishing from mind, you just need to clear your doubt from powerless desire, The more you practice your emotional intelligence to execute the daily target, you indirectly educate your creativity to evolve and create trademark for yourself, in my personal advice, don’t let your emotional intelligence is lingering too long to wait teacher whom can teach your emotional intelligence how to be productive machine, use your conscious mind to be teacher for your own emotion, remember this note; the untrained emotion has self-potential to create a bad manner, when bad manner is appearing, it will make something destructive and you will stay with uneducated habit, please train your emotional intelligence by doing something unusual such as targeting the big dream for long term, practicing your hobby until you become professional, running business, etc.