The meaning of life is not simply exist or survive, but achieve

Achieving something with your limitation

          Today I would like to share how to identify our life journey, the reason why I choose that topic because most people like to keep surviving rather than achieving new level in life journey, the main problem is satisfied mindset, many people think getting enough is none compare with others, most of them consider going to work can answer the meaning of life, in fact we will definitely lose to get more than we deserve when we don’t welcome challenge in any aspect in life, when we don’t keep practicing our skill, we keep losing the opportunity because opportunity always welcome progress, not welcoming the same story, we must challenge ourselves to accept new difficulty because life system is always progressing, we need to race with life or we will be defeated, if we just repeat our life history, we will become history and we can’t meet with new opportunity because every opportunity is designed to meet with someone who is busy to cultivate his masterpiece.

Achieving something is more important than existing only because making progress can invite the miracle of life, remember this note; if we just exist on earth without having purpose, our lives are like doll or the statue, if we decide to make living or surviving on earth, our lives are like the animals or plants, if we decide to plan and try to achieve big dream, we always get welcome from new opportunity and new challenge. that’s basic difference which can explain about the main reason why not everyone deserves to get opportunity from Almighty God (Allah), if you wish life is easier, you will not get better, so you must train your mindset first before you train your skill because the right mindset can protect your skill from negativity and great skill can kill your hope in the future if you don't train your right mindset with new challenge, here is for your note, negativity is coming from lack of resourcefulness and only right mindset can protect your craft from negativity and don't let negativity will seize our opportunity because opportunity is unpredictable.

Although we have a freedom to create everything from nothing existed, we have big responsibility to receive new risk which it can’t be represented by other creatures such as animal, mountain, earth, plants, sea, stone, snow, rain, etc. when I observe about what humans desire, there’s another problem in human’s life where they don’t want to seek it until now, namely; self-identity, means many people still are not using their supreme curiosity level to seek the information why human must exist on earth, if we know the answer, our life will never be flat and our life will be stronger and will be different from time to time.