The pain you feel today, will be strength you feel tomorrow

When your conscious makes pain of discipline, your subconscious will be stronger

          Today I would like to share about how to make our subconscious feels happiness and get stronger, the reason why I choose that topic because life is so mysterious and more frightening when we don't know how to play with it, I want to remind you that building a good mentality can't be built without having discipline mind and good habit, sometimes life will treat us like home custody, as impact of it, we feel like a dump and we feel negativity, but when we just try to behave positively, as impact of it, our hope is trying to escape from unprecedented event, that's life purpose, life wants you to learn how to handle a life pressure because life is always changing at any time, whether you like or dislike it, you must survive, when you can't adapt with circumstance, you will be living like a dead fish but when you have good principle, you will be living like a lively fish.
be a lively fish when you want to survive

        Sometimes life is knocking us down in order to know how long our skill can endure with life’s tough challenge, the more you get pain of discipline the more strength you will feel tomorrow, life is like a lively contest in every single day, you will race with time zone, time is making you as a great competitor, whether you are ready or not with your best skill, life is keeping challenging you to make preparation before you will die, remember; life detests a mediocrity skill, when you race with your time zone, you will push your limitation to survive and you will pull feeling of enthusiasm from future's direction because you don't want to die before time is up, but when you win the game, you will be rewarded with fabulous idea or new skill because you succeed to challenge your subconscious with pain of discipline.
your weaknesses indicates that you lose from self-discipline

             Remember; if you want to make your life journey to become dynamic life, you need to distrust about your temporary satisfaction, then you can continue to make adventurous until you find inspiration, I just remind you; when you are living without having a new adventurous, you will get defeated by your time zone and your hope will be perished, here are your main jobs during living on earth; find inspiration, prove your philosophy, learn how to handle life pressure with your power of faith, learn how to adapt with insurmountable problem by increasing your curiosity level in order to find answer, making a great channel in order to make your life journey feeling more secure during staring into the life's tough challenge, remember; when you can't survive within the uncomfortable zone, you will be entering into the dangerous zone as automatically, to survive in this world, please don’t live in this world as if you were working as a seer, if you do that, you will always feel insecure starting from today, tomorrow and ever after.

I observe many people are willingly to work until they overworked, in my opinion, people are working for money and they hope some money will guarantee their happiness, in fact, every happiness can't be bought by price because happiness is part of value, it's irreplaceable, when they are exchanging their happiness with price, they are looking for desperate, not inspirationi just remind you; if you are working for money, one day you must pay your health with your money, please don't just work for earning money, but you need to find inspiration in order to make your skill is higherif you are working as life purpose, make sure your life will drive you to the wisdom zone where you don't need to work for money but you let money will work for you.

 Sometimes life pushes up and pushes down your limitation in order to resurrect your unlimited potential and pull out new strength to expand your knowledge, if you can't resurrect your inner potential, life will push you to receive feeling of regret, that's horrible news i have ever heard, don't let life will give you feeling of regret because this life is talking about responsibility, it's not talking how to make an accusation, sometimes you need to leave a normal human’s mindset and try to think how to be unique person, when you are becoming unique person, you will think like the universe, the universe's mindset is always talking about how to evolve and how to revolve with the center point of greatness, the reason why I suggest you think like universe because universe doesn’t like to stay with same vibration, the word "same vibration" is called stupidity, when there is same vibration, it can invite negativity vibration.