The root of all suffering is attachment

Several attachment in human's value

          Today I would like to share how to differentiate between suffering and pain, the reason why I choose that topic because many people think suffering and feeling of pain can’t be avoided, but the truth is suffering is an optional, suffering will come when we are extremely obsessive about expectation but we don’t have enough courage to pursue it, but feeling of pain is like there are friction and we must make a deal with the fighting mode between our subconscious desires, our conscious desires and life’s circumstance where they are happening within our days, pain of life is inevitable thing. 
The power of love will not create suffering as long as humans use that power properly

         In my opinion pain of  life can't be created by human being because we are living side by side with universe's existence, including animal, plants, weather, etc. sometimes life will give us test such as pain of regret, pain of disappointment and pain of discipline in order to let us thinking carefully and not to make the same fault again. our job as human being is not being good person, but learn something we will seek answer about "who we are", seek information how to develop our personality and how we keep evolving our natural skill such as how to make explicit decision, how to differentiate between right or wrong, how to choose best option among several options, how to behave positively over negativity, how to think wiser, how to empty our bad mood, how to face reality, and how to survive, etc.
Making social circle is part of attachment

          Suffering is begun when we make too much expectation to something we can’t control or we ignore the procedural process in order to get a big reward from it, remember; our happiness not lies in our expectation level because expectation is not connected with reality, it's connected to human's fantasy but happiness is lies in inborn skill, means the human's inborn skill will create happiness faster than type of people who are just expecting satisfaction, remember this note; happiness and satisfaction are having different purpose, satisfaction is feeling excited to do something when there is opportunity to achieve short term goal, otherwise happiness is part of the universe’s power and it can be used to shape something valueless until it becomes more valuable , happiness can’t be bought by feeling of satisfaction because satisfaction always needs some requirements to exchange it, on the contrary, happiness doesn’t need many requirements because happiness is part of nurturing ability to human's natural skill..
Media has potential to create suffering for human's habit

          If you want to avoid suffering, please don’t expect reward as your priority and unleash your attachment such as making expectation and start to learn from reality, the reason why I recommend you not to expect the reward first because reward will not give you root of solution, but you need to train your mind how to cultivate happiness with collecting good experience, cultivate feeling of gratitude by showing care to other people’s weakness, and cultivate feeling of enthusiasm by targeting goal, hopefully you can get peace after you read this article.


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