The sign of law of attraction is working

the law of attraction will give you guidance when you become the valuable person

          Today I would like to share how to maximize the human’s potential by understanding the law of attraction, the reason why I choose that topic because 50% people consider the human’s potential can increase by collecting good experience from other people’s experience, 30% people consider the human’s potential can increase by making good partnership with successful people because they think partnership will increase opportunity, and 20% people consider the human’s potential can increase by schooling in the university to get good grade or make a good accomplishment at the high school student, in my personality I don’t blame about their opinion, but there is something wrong where they have not been taught during learning at formal education, namely; they have never learned philosophy, the successful people and unsuccessful people are lies in their philosophy, not in the social circle, remember; success is not represented by the money or education system, but success is represented by the way of understanding about a valuable information from the universe's law and the highest curiosity level, success is something you can attract, not pursue something you really want, when you are happy by doing something even though it's difficult, you will not get depressed or get desperate, instead, you will get inspiration from it, that's the sign of law of attraction is really working.
The law of attraction will help you to clear your vision

Sadly, very few people are using the law of attraction because they think the law of universe is too strong and unreachable, remember this note; every human’s body substance is coming from the universe’s substance, so there is nothing impossible to make the universe is willingly to work for the human’s welfare, on earth, we only  need to find information how to build self-esteem and become troubleshooting maker, when you have the ability to handle life pressure during making a masterpiece, you indirectly educate yourself how to handle problem and you succeed to delegate the law of attraction to draw many opportunities for yourself, if you want the law of attraction will work at maximum level, you don’t need to work for money, you just need to upgrade your vibration level by making new progress, making note your progress and breaking your last progress’s record from your own journal, that’s lifestyle you need to build, if you apply it every single day to your daily habit, then you will get the biggest reward from life.
The law of attraction will determine what you must do and what you mustn't do

 The main reason why humans are being pushed by the law universe to keep learning because the universe’s movement is keep progressing and evolving, if humans are not willingly to compete against with the universe’s principle, humans will get insurmountable problem in the future and humans will get desperate and regret in the future, there is another reason why the universe detests the mediocre skill because the universe will die when it’s stops movement, so they need to struggle and keep alive, this example will affect to human’s lives, when people are not willingly to learn new thing or stop training their curiosity level to find idea or inspiration, people will get frustrated and their creativity or idea will be perished by the time and people will live into despair and poor.