The wrong people always give you the right lessons

          Today I would like to share about the human’s attitude, in the society life, many people are getting quarreled with another group because they think they have the right principle, they have a good facility and they have the accountable people, most of the time they have spent just talk about the target, plan, budget, but most people have no time to ponder about the wrong lesson from their own community, why would it be? the answer is "people just beg for fortune from the community but they don't beg the wrong lesson for stopping the inessential value in that community".

         In my personal opinion, don't just pick up good lesson from the successful people because you will get disappointed when you can't achieve the big reward like what the successful people get, but if you pick up wrong lesson for the wrong people, you have multiple options how to filter your activity whether you need to add some points to avoid the same mistake or you will discard the inessential thing from what you do in your activity, that's life of how to become good listener and being good doer, remember; the community doesn’t guarantee your successful career, even though many successful people live in that community, the community is being established to help you thinking like you are going to school, furthermore; every people has own problem before they come to that community, so the most important thing is being good observer and take a note something valuable from the community and create your own successful by defeating yourself because only you are the biggest competitor in this life, the greatest success story in life is determined by personal success story by applying their own philosophy, success is like DNA, it can be formed by making a practice and give utmost dedication.

In my opinion, don’t just come to ask the mentors to do what you need to do or you collect the valuable information from the successful people’s story, the truth is their life journey have surpassed ahead towards your life journey experience, you need to seek as many as valuable information until you find something matched with your capacity, the mentors and the successful people will not tell you about the biggest mistake because they don't know how to collect the biggest mistake, remember; the biggest mistake are not coming from the bullying process, but the biggest mistakes is coming from your fixed life journey where you can't find the biggest resources to resolve your internal problem, try to become a curious child and get excited to learn new mistake, when you know your biggest mistake, you are entitled to live happiness, prospering and get natural death.

 Remember; Good people will always tell about the good information you need to know, that’s the common truth, but when you don’t want to learn the mistake from other people’s experience, you will feel the bigger mistake rather than the unsuccessful people’s biggest mistake, that’s disaster of life, starting from now, you better to refine your philosophy and try to get the valuable information from the wrong people as much as you can do, don’t laugh towards their mistakes, we only need to appreciate the wrong people and be good listener, perhaps we can help the wrong people to rectify their biggest mistake.

 the magic formula in life; we don’t need a perfect life to refine our mistakes, we only need a developed life journey because we don't know when the life journey will end, every mistakes is created to avoid the same mistake happening, every mistake can’t create a good principle, mistakes are just tools to measure the progress and monitor how you keep studying well until you can apply some disciplined mind in your specific scope, so don’t ever try to change mistake, your main job in this life is just collecting your own mistake, cultivating your own experience with disciplined mind, collecting other people's experience and don’t ever try to apply the bad philosophy in your future, you only need to study something what you really need and discard what’s inessential thing from this life.