Tragedy in life happens when there is no goal to reach

race with other competitor is not making tragedy as long as you can make progress

          Today I would like to share how to determine the good purpose by becoming the valuable person even though not many people will try to become that model, the first step how to avoid the tragedy of life is starting to evolve your knowledge, evolve your self-reliant, evolve your life experience with full responsibility, the main reason why i suggest such thing because that's requirement how to make big difference in your life story, the second step how to avoid the tragedy of life is collecting new experience from other people's experience, whether it's positive or negative, the third step how to avoid the tragedy of life is you must cultivate your habit with goal and practice your craft with discipline mind every day.
how to avoid the tragedy of life is keeping hope alive

          I am sure not everybody wants to taste the tragedy of life but i review most people build the unproductive habit in every single day such as they hang out with friend almost every week, they spend their major time for minor purpose, that's why almost every day most people feel the tragedy of life such as living extravagant, they don't have enough self-supporting, so the big problem is coming from their lifestyle, if they really need to change  their life pattern, they need to go to the sanctuary place for contemplating something, remember this note; what you plant in your habits will determine the result in many years later, if you plant the biggest effort for pursuing the money, you always get money, but not have a chance to possess an extraordinary money. furthermore; if we keep cultivating our habit with doubt, everything we see will become unclear because we plant the mental disease long time ago, remember this note; tragedy of life will happen when we repeat the cultivation process of the mental disease within our subconscious mind such as storing the outrageous fear, worrying, insecure, regret, indecisive, skeptical, overcautious and emotional instability, those are the ultimate negative side in life.
tragedy of life will slow the progress when people don't change to adapt

Remember this note; we don't need to change negativity within our subconscious mind because those mental disease already there long time ago, we only need to keep observing good thing in this life circumstance until we fall in love with something great and the good thing can inspire us to keep us growing our capability and we keep continuing our life journey with happiness all successful story you have made in the past can’t determine your future, so all good things can turn into tragedy when you stop cultivating your craft with discipline, please make note; if you don’t use your time to keep cultivating your power of mentality, time will grab your power of authority like the power of vitality, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and faith, one more thing; time can kill your biggest fortune when you keep waiting about something uncertainty, and time can attract the wealth and fortune when you keep practicing your craft.

Here is for your note; don’t put your major mistake as your tragedy of life because it’s part of relearning process which can teach you how to understand something better, sometimes mistake is designed to make someone realized that he has created the unworthy thing in his major opportunity, in my personal advice; when you just upgrade your knowledge without growing any enthusiasm, it’s useless because knowledge will inject your mind with the mental disease, so you must upgrade your philosophy and enthusiasm as your guidance system because it can guide you how to survive your skill, furthermore good philosophy and enthusiasm can help you to see opportunity and discard bad habit. 


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