Where focus goes, energy flows

make clear vision is part how to make your power of focus flows

          Today I would like to share about how to focus and use energy maximally, the reason why I say like this because many people can't use their power of focus because people are too concerned about something unprecedented in the future, people are too concern about other people’s opinion, people are too cautious about something they can't finish, now in this article I am going to give you the root cause why many people fail, the first cause why people lose their power of focus because they consider that their dreams are impossible, they think their dreams are too big, they use their focus for the many purposes, here are these questions you need to ponder "what is your long term plan?" and "what will you do in every day if you were failing to achieve your long term plan?" and "what is your reason that make you excited to do it" those questions are giving you a chance how to grow your energy and grow your focus, please don't hope that universe will give you energy when you can't attract with your best responsive.
imagination is just beginning process how to set focus

            When I review about several people’s lives, most of them lose power for their constantly pursue because their mindsets have been contaminated with wrong social circle or bad influence, remember; focus can't be compromised easily when you are handling something with bad influence, the second cause why most people can't defend their goals till the end because they think their goals range are lies in their out of range, furthermore, they prefer to think small and do something where it doesn't match with their excitement level, if you want to know when your focus is growing and bringing a big volume, you can refer to river's wide philosophy, the more narrow size of river, the smaller volume of the water debit is flowing, the more wide size of river, the bigger volume of the water debit is flowing, so power of focus like the water debit, the more you think bigger than you imagine, the larger volume of focus will flow and you will become great doer, but if you think smaller than you imagine, your focus will be reduced and you are just becoming daydreamer.
power of focus will make your life is more bright rather than common people's

  The power of focus can be attracted by having feeling of excitement, if this condition has been reoccurred in every day, we will not get desperation even though we meet with insurmountable problem because our  resourcefulness have been charged with feeling of excitement, the most important thing is find your courage to study how to find the true happiness and true happiness is not lasting temporary, true happiness begins when we are collecting more capability rather than collecting our satisfaction, maximizing your excitement by practicing your inborn skills is the key how to work in this world for long lasting, oh i almost forgot, here is i want to talk about energy’s law, it says “when everything comes easily and also it’s easy to abandon”, by that it means we can't use energy forever and we have limited time to use energy for maximizing our inborn skill, when we don't use energy properly, energy will stay away from us.
your focus determines what you are developing

 Passion is not enough to create focus, we need to make words of affirmation first to intrigue our inability to keep looking something clearer than our imagination, the words of affirmation also can be used to find answer for all our doubts, sometimes we don't realize that answer is important rather than satisfaction, when you use your focus to find satisfaction, you will not get answer, remember; every human being has quota of mistake, our life will not bring meaningful story when we use our purpose of life to find satisfaction only, on the contrary, when we use our purpose of life to find the truth to answer our quota of mistake, so our lives will not be boring and our life will feel recharged.