Without passion, energy can’t be multiplied

          Today I would like to share how to delegate passion for the right purpose, the reason why I choose that topic because most of us often to neglect the passion’s existence because we don’t believe that passion will bring a good benefit and also it will support our career in the future, sometimes we consider that passion is part of the ordinary strong feeling, but in fact, many people don't realize that passion will shape a new idea and open up new opportunity, so we must delegate that power or we will lose everything valuable in life, besides that passion has unwavering spirit which it can unlock the human’s potential and it can break human’s limitation.

          Now I would remind you how to deal with passion, the first thing is we must take profit from passion and make it more valuable,  passion will help us if we practice it with courage and passion will help us when we want to sketch the future through our canvas of life, the second thing you must have is the power of faith, the reason why we must ignite the power of faith because it can predict our future, passion can influence the human’s future time, do  you still remember when we were children ?, as student, we were taught by our teacher with religion and civic, with those subjects we were trained how to use faith to determine what action we can choose,  remember this note; the future can’t be shaped by doing the unnecessary activity, future can’t be put in your waiting list, the future can be shaped when we use eagerness, passion, vitality, unwavering faith and discipline to manifest what we think.

If you don't consider future as your top priority which you may need it to be saved, you will lose your future, unfortunately many people underestimate about it because they consider future will be the same as today, in this point I would explain that mindset’s stumbling block is the human's main problem and it will always attack the people’s mentality who haven’t ever trained it with difficult situation, remember; mentality is like the big muscles, the more often you use, it will get stronger, if you practice your mentality to overcome problem, your destiny will be different rather than most people who haven’t practiced their ability, I will remind you that energy can’t be reproduced, it can’t be recycled and also it can’t be exterminated, means you just have the particular time to use it toughly, if you don’t use today's time to welcome tomorrow, you are considered that you have been given up from life challenge.

At this moment we must remember that we have limitation area such as the physical condition, knowledge and time, even though we have the limitation area like I mentioned earlier, we can use the limitation area to attract the unlimited support to evoke our great passion, like the universe’s energy, creativity, idea and imagination, when we can employ good thing from those unlimited support, remember that the passion is like the fuel and it will give us a riding how to walk in our life journey and passion will create big different picture in our days ahead, i conclude that when you start to think about passion with relentless drive, your passion will make the greatest success story in your life and success always follow you in whatever situation because you consider future is more important than money.