You were given this life because you are strong to live it

life can guarantee that human capacity have the most fearing power and most powerful rather than other creature's

          Today I would like to share how to know about the truth of life, the reason why I choose that topic because I want to convince you that life has given us a guarantee that our potential are so powerful rather than insurmountable problem, but unfortunately not everyone will accept this game of life, some people discourage themselves because they think their problem are bigger than their capacity, most of them think this life system is unfair, uncontrolled and cruel, here is for your note; the major problem in life is not coming from the life’s system but the problem is coming from the human's inner pain, there are two kind of pain, namely people’s lack of resourcefulness and inequality in the human’s social life.

           Now you know the reason why pain of life had been created at the long time ago, i will give you an explanation for your daily note; earth, heavens, mountains can’t create something what human can do because they have limited resources, only human can survive with insurmountable circumstance because humans have unlimited resources, by that it means, the guarantee had been granted from Almighty God (Allah) to humans being long time ago, if you consider your life is so mysterious or more surprising, i am sure you will practice your mentality's skill and you will prepare your masterpiece, if you think tomorrow will be the same ending like yesterday’s event, as impact of it, you are unable to see bright future tomorrow even though you are having many days.

The key how to discover the meaning of life can be determined on how you feel about tomorrow, if you think tomorrow is not mysterious or it can't attract your good feeling, you will be pushed to repeat your life history and you don't have any chance to level up your new life journey, but if you think tomorrow will be different, your mind will create new determination and you will start to do something what you haven't tried before, if you are excited to welcome tomorrow, you will not linger too long within your standards because you are busy to practice your best skill, remember; when you start new day with different subject, different decision and different idea, tomorrow will create your new future, new result and new story.

The universe will arrange the best gift for you if you prepare your creation, your craft, your desire, your practice and your discipline, those are requirements are needed to welcome tomorrow's challenge, remember this note; the most important thing to welcome tomorrow's time is accepting the truth, learning the unpleasant thing and keep practicing although you complete with the little progress, if you are sincerity to accept the reality, you will not be easy to feel offended because you appreciate with progress result and you trust with process, only the ready person who can welcome the tomorrow’s challenge.

If you keep practicing your strength today, tomorrow you will be stronger than yesterday, don’t just welcome tomorrow by repeating your yesterday’s story such as doing your work with the same subject or use the same standard of knowledge, if you just repeat the yesterday’s story in today's time, it has the same meaning where you are not working for future, in the end of the day you will not get a chance to welcome tomorrow, if you don’t sow something valuable today, you can't reap the reward, this universe is too big and it has unpredictable power, if we don’t maximize our curiosity to learn about the universe system in order to promote our creativity, we always become history, not being future person.