The comfort zone equals with the dangerous zone

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to discuss about the weakness of "the comfort zone", maybe you often hear that word because everyone has ever tasted the comfort zone during childhood and many older people are very proud by training their children in the comfort zone because they thought children need a safety treatment, i agree that every children need a safety treatment, but the question is, until when? remember; the survival ability is more important than a safety treatment, whether we like it or not, our children must have survival ability or they will destroy their own future plan when children turn into adult, don't ever try to spoil your children with everything they need, such as giving them a cellphone before they reach at age 14 because the cell phone or gadget will retard to children's survival ability, the first education we can give to children, namely by training their habit with your own positive attitude such as discipline, consistent and commitment, remember this note; you can train children's habit with good characteristic before they reach at age 14 and you can start to train the children's mindset when they already reach at ages 14, the main reason why giving the training program to children's logic skill must be started at age 14 because children's capacity natural growth is started to grow when they reach at ages 14.

             Starting from now, don't wait the right momentum to approach you because a great thing will be calculated from future's time when you leave your comfort zone and you start learning the survival ability, the main reason why human must learn the survival ability because the human's inborn ability will be destroyed by time machine when humans stop learning at something, besides that the universe’s system will be expanded steadily by Almighty God (Allah) for some reason, by all means, if we don't compete with the universe's system, we will start suffering, so as normal human being, our main job are cultivating our mentality with adversity, keep practicing our inborn ability, adapt with surprising circumstance, and learning from every mistake, don't ever say to yourself like this “this world is cruel and unfair”, because your capacity is stronger than universe's system, remember this natural law "every creature who can adapt, they will be saved automatically", so if you don’t want to improve your  habit or self-capacity, you will never have had something you want and you will be treated as prisoner of your own mind.

Once again, I remind you, don’t ever never consider this world system is cruel and uncomfortable because you always have choice to write down your own destiny, the human’s capacity is unique because humans have the strongest capacity whom Almighty God (Allah) ever created, before human is born on earth, human’s skill is zero and their ability don’t equal with the universe’s ability, the main reason why the universe is being assigned to teach human because human will be taking responsibility from Almighty God (Allah) to represent the universe's job, besides that, Almighty God gives you many opportunities every 24 hours per day because Almighty God wants you to protect yourself and stay away from suffering and darkness, remember;"opportunity comes from your inborn ability", sadly many people neglect their inborn ability and start to blame the circumstance, as impact, people get suffer and get poor, here is the key how to expand your capacity “when something goes out from your body, you need to refill yourself with feed”, the word "feed" means knowledge and wisdom, if you don't feed yourself with wisdom and knowledge, the darkness will stay within your capacity, as impact you will think negativity, so every day you need to compete with your own time and challenge yourself to reach clear goals as if you would die tomorrow.
Time will make you suffer if you use your time to keep waiting, enjoy your time with your inborn ability

The keyword how to recognize your survival ability whether it already being mature or not is looking at your sincerity of faith; when you stop complaining about something you don't have, willingly to admit your own mistake and you stop making an error judgment, if you already do that ritual, means you already leave your comfort zone, remember this note for your essential life; the human’s physical body is only fed by food and water, the human’s soul is only fed by the truthfulness, the human’s creativity is only fed by emotional intelligence, the human’s fear is only fed by greedy, those are examples how to know more about your capacity, if you want to discover the answer of life, use your major time to observe a new thing from different surroundings area and don’t trust your yesterday's memory.

You can leave your comfort zone by applying discipline, stay committed about what you start, and keep practicing your craft, do it as if you would die tomorrow, the reason why comfort zone is part of dangerous area because the darkness of life will kill your own potential, your darkness is your own ignorance, remember this note; the darkness of life is designed to gnaw the human’s hope, so don’t stop learning from universe’s system because universe will not get bored to teach, remember my personal advice; the comfort zone is supposed to use for caring of the sick people, as long as you are not sick, you must struggle and keep hunger to know a lot about your own potential, if you lead your faith to deepen knowledge, you will meet with (Allah) God's wisdom, but if you lead your faith to find the self-satisfaction, you will meet with evil, here is one more note; everything great is started from the power of faith, if your faith doesn’t lead you to the God’s wisdom, leave your religion.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share my life experience how to learn about failure and success, I am sure everyone knows much and have experienced such way, many people don't want to approach failure,  in fact there is no failure as long as people don't stop learning, when we have never tried at the first time, we must meet with many difficulties because we don't have daily habit, and every adversity is unchangeable and irreplaceable from other factors, i remembered when I was child, I had been educated how to get good mark, the main point why i did it because in order to get teacher's compliment and get the year's record book, but in the reality life, we don't need compliment from other people, we need self-education.
get the Fail stamp is part of self-education

          In formal education we are educated by teacher to make self-preparation and get job only, that's reason why many people are failed in their career because they are depending their experience on the formal education, remember; the formal education is 0.1% enough to welcome new challenge from life and 99.9% from self-education, based on my life story, don't rely on the formal education because formal education has never taught how to train right mindset, now or later we must start how to invest failure, invest cost of learning and invest time to educate ourselves with self-education, the kind of self-education are like accepting new knowledge, learn new philosophy, learn about the truthfulness, accept new challenge, new risk, new responsibility, new mistake and new adversity, sometimes we need to take the priceless lesson from an athlete’s mindset “no pain no gain, means sometimes you need to learn from progress and failure if you want to win the competition” the biggest competition is ourselves.

          Remember this note; “before someone wins the competition, he needs to pay the cost of learning, pay the cost of failure, pay the cost of mentor as the main requirement”, there is no free lunch if someone wants to get reward, everything in this life requires cost even though you will have hobby, there is no trophy can be collected at the first journey but you will get from the end journey, the problem is not caused by the trophy, but how someone gets seriously about the goal, if someone gets serious about the goal, I believe one day he will be wearing something that he deserves and their successful story will pay all cost of failures, I will remind you that the point of success is not based on how you get the reward, but how you invest particular time to improve yourself until you become the valuable person, when you become attractive person, everything around you will follow about your changes, such as lifestyle, human relationship, good career, etc.

Sometimes we need to move backward to make self-reflection when we face adversity by making the strategy and keep practicing how to create the better improvement, in my suggestion is “don’t ever think about perfection and don’t use your time to wait, it's futile, act of being patience and wait for the result are having different purpose", you can’t change your story if you just wait the result, you must train your mindset how to keep practicing your skill without gaining the money, if you can’t accept the failure, you will not carve your mind with progress, remember this note; keep trying in the wrong direction is better than standing still, we are not entitled to determine when we will get big reward, our job is keep practicing, that's it, if you invest the new mistake in your mind, your subconscious mind will help you to change mistake to become new opportunity, here is my personal advice; we are not entitled to deserve the reward, but we are entitled to make choice to succeed at the scope which we are interested with it.

You glow differently when you are actually happy

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to invite you how to make new journey by creating the true happiness, many people try to find happiness in many ways, such as visiting new place, reading book, holding weekly party, accepting higher salary, etc. they forget the true happiness can't be exchanged with the worldly stuff, remember this note; true happiness can be built when someone succeeds to defeat his stumbling block, laziness, anger, anxious and indecision, the reason why i say such thing because those negative feeling can block emotional intelligence to produce endorphin hormone, remember; the happy people don't demand other people to change because the happy people know everyone has different capacity, but the happy people inspire a lot to others.
The happier people always have a big dream

           The happy people can produce ability for their own problem, so they adapt with lifestyle, improve ability and have clear goal to achieve, here is the rule that you need to obey; the true happiness can produce and increase more ability rather than producing the self-satisfaction whereas the act of unhappiness can produce the self satisfaction, the main reason why the happy people can produce ability because they are having unique philosophy and they don't have time to doubt about their own decision because the happy people know feeling of doubt can produce the desire of protest, the desire of blame, the desire of demand the result, don't let single doubt will contaminate your decisiveness, here are the example of self-satisfaction such as watching cinema, spend money for karaoke or alcohol drink, idle away in the mall with no purpose, watching television too much, holding party every week, playing online games for wasting time, etc. Those are kind of unhappiness habit, whereas the happy people produce a special ability that common people don't possess it, such as act of troubleshooting, act of caring, act of ingenuity, etc.

          The life will glow your life story if you don’t stay with the same experience, means you need to keep improving if you want to create big revolution in your life story,, the reason why you need to change because the universe also makes a change, if you keep staying the same, your positive vibes will be perished and you will feel suffering because of that condition, don’t protest or don't make careless judgment about it, it’s part of natural system, human’s life is like the plant and animal’s life, they need to struggle, adapt with adversity and keep improving or the time is going to destroy their ability to grow, please look at the plant, it needs to find the nutritious food from soil and water, on the other hand, animal needs to hunt the prey in order to prolong their life story, if it wouldn’t happen soon, they definitely die as well, but the difference between human and other creatures, namely; animal and plant don’t need happiness to survive, as long as they have enough food and enough water, they will survivewhereas the human can create something more than what other creatures can't do, so as human being, you must create something and investing something for your future, if you can't create something, your destiny never make you to be happily ever after.

          Human being are the special creature, they can build happiness, build creation, build career, imagine something doesn't exist yet, visualize the result, etc. but unlucky, human being don't really know about human’s ability because most people prefer to produce satisfaction rather than ability, the point of supreme happiness is producing the power of love, the power of caring, and be blessing person for the humanity affair, if you can't produce those powers, you will suffer, you will fear, you will doubt, and you will become enemy for your own evil because you satisfy yourself, that's consequences.

Don’t burn your opportunities for a temporary comfort

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to take care of opportunity, the reason why I choose that topic because many people protest they don't get opportunity, in my point of view, the main problem why opportunity is not coming, it's not caused by the receiver, but the problem is coming from misuse of opportunity, now my question why not everyone creates opportunity? Because they don't know how to sacrifice, the first thing you should do if you want to get opportunity is creating opportunity, why it would that be? Because opportunity is designed like the mirror, if you create big opportunity and offer it to other people, you will get big opportunity as well, if you only create small opportunity and you enjoy it by yourself, means you burn opportunity for temporary comfort.
Every opportunity you create, it promotes you to the new level

            Don't try to enjoy opportunity by yourself because you will not get big reward, the key how to get promotion from opportunity is challenge yourself to do what best thing you have never done before, remember this law; opportunity will not approach to the receiver, opportunity usually comes to the giver, the reason why it's going to happen like this because the giving process determines of receiving process and receiving is part of automatic process after the act of giving is done, you can't change the rule, here is the rule; if you don't prepare the best thing you can do, you will receive disappointment from what you have done, it's automatic process, but if you keep practicing without demanding whatever result, the result will be different and you will not get disappointment, remember this note; miracle and opportunity are being set in one package and it’s given to kind of person who has raised their standard such as standard of knowledge, standard of troubleshooting, standard of learning, standard how to improve attitude, standard how to improve the human relationship, etc.

People’s standard will be higher when people already meet with adversity, that’s requirement to take new level of opportunity, remember; we can’t welcome every opportunity with lack of resources, but we can collect more opportunities after we unlearn the bad habit, the more you build self-preparation, the more you have opportunity to welcome big opportunity, as far as I know from the successful people’s story, opportunity can’t be taken by people who are staying at the comfort zone, by that it means, all prospering level have been set in the higher place because it has been standardized with responsibility level, the more you take higher responsibility, the more you leave the comfort zone, it's natural process, don't ever try to reject power of opportunity because it's irreplaceable, nothing more expensive on this planet rather than a missed opportunity.

I know everyone has problem, but if you are stuck in the lowest level of your life story, means you need to create opportunity, the reason why you must do this because opportunity is like the new currency, now the main problem why not everyone wants to take responsibility because they reject to change their standard, remember this; when there’s rejection, there is incapability, so don’t try to burn your opportunity by taking smallest responsibility, Almighty God (Allah) has given his favors to thrust you to take the higher standard, when you take the higher standard, the prospering level will pick you up no matter you go everywhere, don’t just ask “when I will deserve the reward”, but start to ask “why not now I will take new responsibility?”, if you don't take responsibility, means you burn your opportunity.

You must demand the great thing of yourself

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to make the art of demanding, the reason why I choose that topic because i want to explain about the power of demanding, we must agree that demanding is part of receiving the process, the reason why i say such thing because demanding is creating miracle of life, so demanding is not kind of bad habit as long as you don’t demand the market place or other people to treat you well firstgood demand will be ending good if you demand about yourself, good demand will be ending into bad thing if you ask size of demand bigger from your capability, demanding of yourself is like creating the miracle of life, so don’t ask other people to create the miracle because not everyone has big capacity to welcome the challenge of miracle, if you are willingly to change the world, you need to change the point of view about adversity, recently i review why many people get poor because almost every day they try to demand other people to do better thing, in my opinion, only the insecure minded people can create the repeated error judgment in every day, if people have more resourcefulness rather than their own feeling of dissatisfaction, i am sure they will not judge other's mistake, instead they will start to create fortune through making the sense of critical minded and the sense of justice.

          Sometimes people don’t agree that act of self-demanding is good method because they are used to satisfy themselves with an instant thinking, so they will think copying the result from other people's skill is better than learning process, in my opinion that kind of mindset is causing the self-reputation destruction, no wonder many people haven’t got the big result in their career because they educate themselves by making a protest, remember this note; the problem is not coming from what they face, but the problem is appearing after they are not willingly to adapt with adversity and they prefer to live in the comfort zone, please take this antiquity words; "the great thing doesn’t come from outside, the great thing comes from within", means we will not get result unless we appreciate the learning process, please look at the chicken eggs when it will be hatched, it has 21 days during incubation process, if someone breaks the egg from outside before the incubation process ends, the egg’s future life is dead automatically, so everything great comes from the learning process although it takes time to make it come true.

          In my opinion, Act of demanding is part of making one's life progress and it's part of self-education, not making self-punishment, the reason why I say such thing because act of demanding is the kind of act to strengthen someone’s mentality power and help someone to discard the inessential thing from one's life story, remember this note; self-education is always demanding by oneself to do the right thing, not to do the easy thing, but if you compare between self-education and formal education, it has very different purpose, the formal education teaches how to listen and follow what teacher command to student, whereas self-education teaches how to survive, how to unlearn self-error, how to become troubleshooter, how to get up from failure and create self-esteem.

Pain is just temporary but quitting lasts forever

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about the meaning of pain in life, the reason why I choose that topic because many people think the life system is treating them so very hard, unfair, not excitement, and cheating, but the truth says “every life system can’t be manipulated, can’t be copied, can’t be interfered, can’t be created by human’s creativity”, means every hard situation, every bad condition, every adversity, unfairness, outcast and being cheated are part of degradation process where human don't follow the natural rule, there is no permanent process in bad condition as long human leaves the degradation by improving their ability, the degradation process is started because people neglect to upgrade their own resourcefulness, the human's resources is like the plant, it needs to be cultivated with good thing, it need to be taken care every day, it needs to be protected from the intruders, if human don't want to keep it grow, the time will ask the intruder to destroy human's resources.
Be runner and run within your game of life

      Remember; act of neglecting can intimidate human's fortune in the future, that's the law, the reason why human being need to evolve their resourcefulness because of the natural rule will evolve too, every resource has been restricted by it's time, resources will grow if human have cultivated it with positive attitude, if human neglect to do something more important, they will lose their fortune in the future, the key how to survive during facing adversity, namely by demanding ourselves to grow like the seed which is implanted into the soil, there is no other option, “the earlier you start something, the sooner your fortune is coming to you, the more you postpone something, your fortune will be suspended” 

Act of complaining is not good habit even though you have the right attitude, the reason why we need to reduce act of complaining because this kind of act will decrease our fortune and contaminate our good skill-set, when we feel pain, means we need to increase our resourcefulness, don’t just quit because the bad treatment comes to us, it's just temporary, all we need to do is keep trying what we can do, unless we are planning to fail for the future, sometimes we don't realize that we create mistake, but remember; making mistake doesn't mean we will lose the good thing forever, but mistake indicates that our time hasn't reached at prospering level, all failures will be used to promote your career, Michael Jordan has ever said “ I have failed over and over again in my life, that’s why I succeed”, i can conclude that we are not allowed to quit because once we quit, our resources will become our bad habit.
The more you press yourself, the more you gain momentum

 I can accept failure but I will never accept an excuse from someone who isn’t trying yet, if someone stops, who else will to do what he can do,  remember this note; this universe never tells people when people will fail at something, but the universe will tell about result, when you have result, means you make a progress, if you don’t make a progress, you will fail automatically at your scope and failure will make you paralyzed, here is the law that you need to remember; if you stop moving, the miracle also will be stopped automatically, the reason why the miracle stops moving because miracle is produced by human's nature, when someone quits, the miracle will follow, so the miracle basically is followed by human’s progress, not by circumstance, there is no pain lasting forever unless someone allows himself to taste it, only the fixed mindset’s people will plan to fail , we will not know when the prospering is coming, we are just asked by the natural system to be ready at any time.

Sleep isn’t just sleep anymore, but it’s an escape

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about manner of sleep, the reason why i choose that topic because i want to let you know about positive side about sleep, i know some people think sleep is like lazybones, but let me get to the point, many people think that sleep is just like resting for a while, but in this article I would like to explain about the power of sleep, first thing you should know that sleep is not kind of laziness, but sleep can be used to escape from the severity pain in life such as sadness, depression, anxious, stress and perplexing problem, but I just remind you that do not to try to spend your time by sleeping more than 10 hours a day, it's not good habit because it can paralyze your body muscles, the good sleep approximately around 6-8 hours day as long as you are not working at your working place, but if you are working at your working place, at least you spend 15 minutes till 30 minutes from your total working hourthe reason why sleep is a powerful method for keeping human's healthy because it can reduce the negative information pollutant which may enter to human's brain memory, sleep can avoid the forgetfulness's character, increase the positive vibes and increase the mood, besides that sleep is kind of method to separate between the exhausted nerves and the human's concentration levelhere is the additional note; sleep can help human to escape from the chaotic mind and rearrange the untidiness habit in human's lifestyle.

          Many people spend their time by working more than 10 hours for money, sadly they don’t ever consider that invest several minutes to  sleep is good lifestyle to prolong self-concentration, here is for your note; fifteen minutes to sleep is better than keep working, the reason fifteen minutes of sleeping is more important than keep working because sleeping can increase the power of focus, power of enthusiasm, sleep shouldn’t be exchanged with money even though you can earn a lot of money, spending time to sleep in several minutes can reduce feeling of anger while you are working in busy daily scheduleremember this note; the more you inhale the amount of information pollutant out there, the more you waste your health improvement chance in the future, so you need self-thinking time before adjusting your attitude during accepting all information.

           Life needs balance, everything must be controlled with power of faith, if we want to live longevity happiness, so we need to control our time, our energy, our relaxation and our physical condition, when our activity is begun, our limitation must be set according to our daily habit, remember; we can't change all life system with our limitation but we can maximize our limitation to make fortune , remember this quote; "when you keep working till you can't sleep peacefully, your job can make you sleep forever soon", which means our life balance turns into misfortune.

Where there is anger, there is pain underneath

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about the human’s emotional intelligence, especially how to fight with the anger, I know everyone has ever got angry because there is something dissatisfied in result, the reason why people get angry easily because there is pain of demanding beneath their emotional feeling, so this kind of pain will kill the human’s creativity, as adult person, the feeling of anger comes easily and goes out with hard process, the reason why anger goes out hardly from our mind because anger is part of negativity, now I will explain the root of problem why anger comes easily and attacks human because most people welcomes anger with their feeling of dissatisfaction and they are not willingly to upgrade their capacity of knowledge, only satisfied people can accept feeling of anger, basically anger is like the mental disease, anger usually attacks to type of human who can’t adapt with new situation or people reject a new adversity, so we can conclude that showing anger is part of destruction and anger can destroy people's inner power, so the anger people shows they have pain which haven't be cured yet.
Showing anger is part of self-destruction

The low vibration from the human's inner power is part of the root of problem why people easily get angry, remember this note; the inequality of social bond and lack of knowledge are virus which can make human get angry easily, If people don’t want to train their mindset by facing adversity, their maturity won’t grow and their creativity don’t evolve as well, so basically the pain will attack the human’s emotional intelligence when people are self-righteousness, so as human being, we shouldn’t accept mediocrity and we mustn’t  blame adversity when it comes around us because it's part of natural system, the reason why we are not allowed to blame adversity because act of blaming is part of the circle of hell, if we don’t want to be touched by the darkness of life, we must get ourselves enlightened as the top priority, that’s requirement, if we keep blaming over and over again to any kind of circumstance, the feeling of laziness will come to us and we will feel paralyze because of it, as human being, we are not entitled to change the universe system, whether we like it or not with system, we should learn it with open minded or think out of the box, that’s simple way.
Blaming is part of self-righteousness

Don’t be awkward person and don't try to become people who don’t want to change, if we don't upgrade our ability, the nature will sweep our resourcefulness, people who are willingly to move is showing of maturity because act of movement can avoid the feeling of doubt, anger and anxious, the main reason why act of movement can avoid the mental disease because act of movement can create higher vibration, remember this note; the more you create higher positive vibration, the more you destroy your darkness in your own mindset, so staying at comfort zone is kind of dangerous place and not good option, the main reason why staying at the comfort zone is very dangerous because the comfort zone has potentially created self-satisfaction, doubt, stubborn, selfishness and anxious.

Suffering is the true test of life

Running for life doesn't mean escape from responsibility, but running for dedication

          Hi smart people, today I would like to share how to learn about suffering in life, sometimes we don’t like it because all people need happiness, not suffering, but there is the missed information that human often reject, it talks about inequality in social life, as you know that social relationship difference can be great factor to create suffering and chaos, so the reason why I choose that topic because most people think suffering is part of punishment, in the fact, suffering is the true test of life, there is rule that people must know “no pain, no gain” and also “the law sowing and reaping”, the basic rule why we need suffering because our mentality will fight against  negativity, so we need to discard the inessential thing which may contaminate our mind such as the untruthful reference from the insecure people's mindset, almost every day we don’t realize there are many negative information from media and they can contaminate our mind with negativity from unexpected direction, that's true suffering is begun, we only have option; whether we will fight it or we will take suffering.
Trial and error are part of successful journey

Basically suffering is not bad enough as long as you can take good lesson from that kind of situation around you, sometimes the bad thing happens within bad condition in order to warn you that you need to be alert next time because one day you will get trapped with the same trap if you don’t take carefully plan, so our job on earth is train our mindset with power of perseverance, don’t never ask when the suffering is over because there is no one can predict when the suffering will end at the right time, sometimes failures are caused by our carelessness and it needs to be cropped from what we sowed in the past time, start from now so we must change bad seed with good seed for future, remember; failure is designed to sweep all privileges which be left unguarded by humans and also time will destroy our privilege, in order to protect our privilege from failure or same mistake, our skills need to be guarded by keeping practice or we will sell our privilege to failure.
Keep practicing

Remember this note; sometimes this universe doesn’t tell us why universe can sweep all good thing on earth even though we have protected it, the reason why this universe will destroy our privileges because the human's privilege has limited time, so when the season is changing, human's privilege will become self-destruction, so we need to learn again, adapt with new situation and face adversity, this story is like the animal kingdom story, it says “whoever can adapt, it will win, whoever can’t adapt, it will dead”, means, we are not allowed to protest about what universe does to us, human being are not entitled to change the system or interfere what universe does on earth,  as the normal human being, we need to cultivating our mind with new positive thinking, accepting the truth, learning from failure, keeping curious about upcoming life trial and study to make revolution, all series of good ways must be implanted into our mindset or we will suffer of regret.

Everything happens for a reason

Only doubt will neglect the reason

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to create strong reason to ascertain that we can make new different story in our life journey, sometimes we feel anxious because the bad thing happens in our daily life, in fact the bad thing is designed not to harm people, but to notify people about the sign of disaster, the bad thing will be coming if they keep persistent to do something unfair, so everything is counted by the time machine whether there is good thing or bad thing is happening in human's life, when the unexpected result is being shown by Almighty God, means there are two options we need to declare; we need to unlearn from the bad influence or we force ourselves to accept new ideology and make revolution, there is no bad thing happens unless people already implant the wrong reason into their mindset at the first time.
Making reason can help human to make an idea

            Remember; this universe always shows the fair result, all circumstances teach us not do against the universe’s system, if we want to do something new, we must ensure our reason is not against the universe ruleif we reject the universe rule, we will get the unfair treatment from what we are responsible from it, here is for your information; life is divided into two system; darkness of life and the enlightenment of life, the darkness of life shows that human lack of resourcefulness such as faith, strong reason, skill, integrity, growth mindset, vitality, ingenuity, passion and good attitude whereas the enlightenment of life shows that human are living in peace and serenity because people keep learning new thing without losing self-enthusiasm, remember this note; the universe doesn’t require our permission to enter our privilege, whether we like it or not, we are just asked to learn when life circumstance approaches to our privilege.
Use your emotion to create the valid reason

So every bad thing or good thing have reason to come us, there is no appearing mistake to us without reason, all reasons are designed to make human realize for self-preparation, future’s time is very accurately and future will show different result to us when we discipline ourselves by doing different thing, every mistake will not come to anyone without precedent cause, so we must be careful and be alert about what we have done in the past, everything happens for some reason, such as many people think the failures are not defined from what people don’t know but the truth is the failures are defined from people's fixed mindset, the reason why I say such thing because the only the cowards are reject to change and easy to feel satisfaction, remember this note; future is always mysterious, so don’t act like being a seer who knows it all, there is no one can predict what happen in the future except Almighty God (Allah) who creates the time machine for all living things.
Use your faith to create the valid reason

Don’t ever think that tomorrow’s time will be ending like today’s time, the reason why I say such thing because all thoughts determine what circumstance will happen to us, if we think tomorrow will be ending like today’s time, so we will never escape from circle of hell, time is part of the main reason why we are being created as human being, at the first time we are born with no specialty, no creativity, no idea, no having self-esteem, we are like the empty glass that we have no clear purpose until the life trial will be poured to us, remember; time will count our practice, our failure and our luck because we have created reason to survive and struggle.

Limit definition

Write your limited capacity

       Hi good reader, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, I hope you always have the abundance of wealth, health, and happiness, Today I would like to share about the topic "limit definition", the main reason why I choose that topic because not many people are able to set their own limited capacity and not many people know how to recognize their own limitation, if you ask me why many people can't recognize their own limitation because they consider life is freedom to live, it is not quite true, if life is freedom, why many people's thoughts are trapped in the circumstance where it can't make people happy, in order to make you happy, you must know about your limitation, here is the meaning of limit definition; the ability to understand about what you can control and accept what you can't control, here are the examples of what you can control; your habit, your attitude, your imagination, your opinion, your decision, your creativity, and your mindset, whereas, here are the examples of what you can't control; other people, time, future, past, the moment of life, the accident, loss, profit, etc. please don't consider that life as freedom if you want to be happy person, only person who has self-delusion can consider life is freedom, life is not about freedom, instead, life is about responsibility, it means, you must know what you do, being ready to accept consequence and you don't regret about what you choose, in order to answer that question, you need to limit your focus, limit your creativity and limit your time in order to create a life design for driving you to live together with your life design in the future, even though Almighty God has authority to put you in anywhere place, Almighty God will do something for you based on what you commit in your life design, if you think life is about responsibility, so you must do something seriously until you are ready to accept any consequence after you have done something in the past.

Limit your time for developing your potential

At this moment, I would like to share some strategies how to develop your own limitation, hopefully these strategies can make a better life, here is the first strategy how to develop your own limitation; you must create a life mission where it can put your focus to do something new every daythe reason why you need to apply this strategy because it can let you know about your potential, remember; without enhancing your focus to the detail target, you will never know how to utilize your potential for better purpose, if we look at reality, many people can't determine their own happiness level because they just want to live a life with their own satisfaction levelhere is the second strategy how to develop your own limitation; you must stay away from something which can distract your focus from doing something more important than your satisfaction level, so you must limit your focus if you want to develop your own limitation, as we know there are many unknown distractions where it is designed to test our focus, such as, Television, radio, vehicle's sound, cellphone's notification, friend's chit cat, etc. remember this; limitation is like your greatest opportunity where it can support you to go anywhere place as you like, if your own potential can't build big opportunity for other people, it indicates, you can't go anywhere place as you like, here is the third strategy how to develop your own limitation; you must create your priority management, the reason why you must apply this strategy because it can prevent you to do something which disturbs your focus and also can prohibit what you shouldn't do, if you know how to prioritize your priority management, your life will live beyond your own limitationI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.