Before something great happens, everything falls apart

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about the justice and life’s requirement that you may need it for your life journey note, as we know that everyone has life journey and they have some requirements because they think life will provide everything, but most people forget that life also needs requirement that people have to fulfill it, when you want something so badly, you have to make solid plan how to manifest the great thing in the reality, remember; great thing will not happen unless there is feasibility study, time sacrificing, strong commitment and unwavering faith, sometimes building life journey is like building a house to be lived, you are not allowed to stop working when your house isn't finished yet, it seems impossible to be done when we start at the first time, but when we are having great enthusiasm, everything impossible will be looked as new opportunity, i remind you that you can’t demand the future to give what you need before you demand yourselves to apply your resourcefulness through the field area you want to master.

During building life, sometimes we feel tired, bored, unmotivated, deviant behavior, that's normal process when you want to achieve great thing, don't worry your tiredness will be forgotten when you already there and you find personal fulfillment, don't put your anxious to something you haven't achieved it, sometimes our biggest enemy always gnaw away our enthusiasm till there is no left self-motivation, you must achieve something like what your creation will do, do it as if this is your last job chance on earthThe more your dream is big, you will feel being demanded by your dream to finish it, please enjoy the process even though you don’t like with the dream's rule.
when great thing happens, our mind is like thinking about the dead end

 Great thing will happen when you use your resourcefulness more often than you just waited the result, I just remind you that this life will supply new resources to you when you are willingness to learn and delegating your habit to cooperate with futureif you want to build your future, don’t just spend your time to wait the result because you will lose the sense of urgency value and your habit will create recession, the key how to build the bright future is starting to appreciate the resource you have and start to put your good feeling about tomorrow, when you don’t lose enthusiasm although you have failed in many times, as impact, you create bright future, to understand about life, we just need to adapt with life's gift such as life is giving us the unpleasant circumstance, if that so, we must put our masterpiece to future and we hand over the outcome to the future, let the miracle will finish our job.
young lady feels unmotivated and recession because she spends her time to wait only

  we can’t put the valuable thing in our mind if we are not increasing our feeling of enthusiasm about the target we want to manifest in the reality, if we keep doing something without attaching the enthusiasm, means we create the dysfunction idea and its likely that idea will destroy our career futureremember this note; during creating the exceptional life, you must have a great channel to monitor your activity, it doesn’t really matter how long you keep doing it, as long as you put your good feeling into the field you want to build, you will feel the future within your grasp.