Best teacher is not your mistake, but it’s your truthful experience

mistake will not determine your future if you learn, not cursing it

          Good day, smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share something related with the human’s life experience, the main reason I choose that topic because I want to clarify that mistake is not best teacher, mistake is part of learning process where it can guide you how to discard the last standard you have embraced, every mistake is just an optional whether you can take it as self-reflection to grow up or you will become a prisoner of your own mistake due to lack of enthusiasm, many people consider good experience can be collected from the continuous mistake, in my personal opinion; I disagree, if the continuous mistake can be considered to be able creating the new level of prospering, why there are many people still don’t know how to get the prosperous living during last 40 years? the answer; they can’t distinguish between what’s productive mistake and what’s unproductive mistake.

        Sometimes new mistake exhorts us how to become a good student and mistake shapes our mindset to unlearn unproductive habit, it’s normal process, remember this note; it doesn’t really matter when you make new mistake, but you must ensure the mistake you create where it can help you to produce new value or it can increase your high income skill, you can keep doing it, but if you just try to create careless mistake, be careful mistake will lose your time, lose your opportunity, lose sense of enthusiasm and lose your energy, for the most important thing is don’t let your major mistake can cause you losing your major money.
your truthful experience will exhort the miracle to come 

 The best teacher is lies into the truthfulness experience, not major mistake, the reason why i say such thing because the best teacher is not causing you to feel doubt, unmotivated, anxious, or emotionally drained, but it’s teaching you how to make different of you rather than before, the truthfulness experience can help you how to prolong your patience and it can educate you during facing the problem, in my personal advice, don't let your past mistake will determine your future, don't follow other people who are very proud by creating ordinary mistake, that's poor mindset, only productive mistake will not educate you how to become mediocre person, now my question is "why poor people can’t upgrade their lifestyle during they making mistake?" the answer; Because the poor people just produce the unproductive mistake and they neglect to discard their past mistake, remember; the truthful experience can build integrity, patience, courage, enthusiasm, and many positive characteristics.
create good habit will wash away your pain of  expectation

 You can’t change everything bad to become good thing, you must discard  the bad experience from your daily journal and start to make new choice, if you don’t trust about your truthful experience, you will bury up your future, in daily activity, you must ensure nobody will grab your opportunity because opportunity is like the capital, when you lose your opportunity, you will lose your capital, don’t put your expectation to other people as long as you can create your own creativity because expectation will shut down your enthusiasm, remember this note; everything great will happen when you use your truthful experience and your constantly effort.