Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection

          Good day, smart people howdy? Today I would like to share about how to make continuous improvement, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are pretending to be a perfect person and they are stopping to evolve their standard of knowledge because they think working for money is more than enough, they prefer to love playing with money rather than loving how to build future, that's the nitty-gritty, now I am going to explain about the type of improvement you need to choose and how to upgrade your life story, the first thing you need to improve within yourself, namely "the big why and an act of serving", if your reason can't increase your knowledge or your reason can't produce an act of service, you need to leave your friend circle, the reason why i advise such thing because bad influence always hate the act of service for others,  the mediocre people always think about their top priority, they will work for money until their ability gets experiencing the recession from time to time, so I would say there many factors which can create problem in this life, but the major factor doesn’t belong to external issue (circumstance, economy, method, government, social, service, etc.) But the major problem belongs to internal issue (human’s psyche, mindset, ego, and philosophy).

Remember; being perfectionist is much worse than being curious person and trying to observe about his life journey, the reason why I say such thing because perfectionism educates himself to stop making any changes in his philosophywhat i review about the perfection's mindset, it always tells human to do what they love and stay away from creativity, the main reason why perfection's mindset says such thing because perfection feels completely ended and it doesn't willingly to change, the truth is this universe always changes and life system never be completed until the time will crush their path, based on that explanation, i would say; if people stop evolving their creation, their perfect zone will be perished when the accurate time is coming, now I start to understand why the continuous improvement action is very needed because this kind of action will eliminate satisfaction, anxious, arrogant and doubt, creation can't be shaped when there is no exhortation, if there is no friction, there is always confusion, here is for your note; confusion is the sign of not fully developed.

 Human’s ability is always incomplete because ability has time to decrease, so continuously to learn is part of human’s main job in this life, that’s law of human’s sense, when people stop learning, the human’s ability will decrease by itself, remember; skill, creativity, vitality, ingenuity, idea, enthusiasm, sense of motivation are having the limited time, but human’s creation will be permanent, all human’s resources are being controlled by human’s philosophy, if we don’t use our mentality to create creativity, we will live in this world like the animals and plants where they always eat, drink and death in their entire liferemember; without empowering a great enthusiasm, there is no enlightenment, that’s law.
don't try being busy when you dig the perfection

Here is the advantage of Continuous improvement action, the first benefit is your life will never flat and never bored, the second benefit is your enthusiasm will help you to create new story or achieving the dream, the third benefit is you are easy to succeed at the specific scope because you are open-minded, the fourth benefit is you will not get desperate when you face the insurmountable problem and the fifth benefit is you will never be defeated with your own satisfaction.