Don’t burn your opportunities for a temporary comfort

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to take care of opportunity, the reason why I choose that topic because many people protest they don't get opportunity, in my point of view, the main problem why opportunity is not coming, it's not caused by the receiver, but the problem is coming from misuse of opportunity, now my question why not everyone creates opportunity? Because they don't know how to sacrifice, the first thing you should do if you want to get opportunity is creating opportunity, why it would that be? Because opportunity is designed like the mirror, if you create big opportunity and offer it to other people, you will get big opportunity as well, if you only create small opportunity and you enjoy it by yourself, means you burn opportunity for temporary comfort.
Every opportunity you create, it promotes you to the new level

            Don't try to enjoy opportunity by yourself because you will not get big reward, the key how to get promotion from opportunity is challenge yourself to do what best thing you have never done before, remember this law; opportunity will not approach to the receiver, opportunity usually comes to the giver, the reason why it's going to happen like this because the giving process determines of receiving process and receiving is part of automatic process after the act of giving is done, you can't change the rule, here is the rule; if you don't prepare the best thing you can do, you will receive disappointment from what you have done, it's automatic process, but if you keep practicing without demanding whatever result, the result will be different and you will not get disappointment, remember this note; miracle and opportunity are being set in one package and it’s given to kind of person who has raised their standard such as standard of knowledge, standard of troubleshooting, standard of learning, standard how to improve attitude, standard how to improve the human relationship, etc.

People’s standard will be higher when people already meet with adversity, that’s requirement to take new level of opportunity, remember; we can’t welcome every opportunity with lack of resources, but we can collect more opportunities after we unlearn the bad habit, the more you build self-preparation, the more you have opportunity to welcome big opportunity, as far as I know from the successful people’s story, opportunity can’t be taken by people who are staying at the comfort zone, by that it means, all prospering level have been set in the higher place because it has been standardized with responsibility level, the more you take higher responsibility, the more you leave the comfort zone, it's natural process, don't ever try to reject power of opportunity because it's irreplaceable, nothing more expensive on this planet rather than a missed opportunity.

I know everyone has problem, but if you are stuck in the lowest level of your life story, means you need to create opportunity, the reason why you must do this because opportunity is like the new currency, now the main problem why not everyone wants to take responsibility because they reject to change their standard, remember this; when there’s rejection, there is incapability, so don’t try to burn your opportunity by taking smallest responsibility, Almighty God (Allah) has given his favors to thrust you to take the higher standard, when you take the higher standard, the prospering level will pick you up no matter you go everywhere, don’t just ask “when I will deserve the reward”, but start to ask “why not now I will take new responsibility?”, if you don't take responsibility, means you burn your opportunity.