Don’t let insecure thoughts ruin something amazing

         Hi, smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to secure our brain memory from the pollutant information, recently many information are served online by unknown community, they consider the information they give, it would give good impact, but the truth is they just share the information in order to attract other people's attention, remember this note; your qualified thinking is coming from the information you have received and your qualified thinking leads your determination, if you assume tomorrow's time will be ending like yesterday's time, means you think negativity more than what you can think commonly, if you want to get better life, don't train your skill first but train your mindset, the reason why i suggest such thing because the right mindset will help you to blockade the insecure thoughts which it's trying to enter your brain memory, so you must become a selective listener, please be careful about what you thought because every thinking level you make, it will manifest new event in your future time.
Be selective listener

         Sometimes the insecure thoughts are like robbery, they come to us staggered and they rummage our good thoughts, they  stay entering in order to contaminate our brain memory with evil thoughts and they try to influence us with bad purpose, but here is the important note; the insecure thoughts really hate with discipline, so if you apply discipline within your daily habit activity, the positive vibes will block the insecure thoughts, finally you will never accept the insecure thoughts again, the key of human's successful thoughts are coming from the emotional intelligence, the successful people always train their mindset by absorbing the positive vibes from disciplineremember; we are not reborn on earth like the recording machine which is being used to keep recording any information, we must handle the information well from what other people tell us.
The insecure thoughts causes negativity

The insecure thoughts usually come from the indecisive people's habit or uneducated people, they usually will serve information from what they hear without thinking whether it will give a negative impact or not to other people's mind, here is the method how to let insecure thoughts will be vanished, the first thing you must do is making concept about the future's time and you must make a regular activity and make record about progress result you have created, you must stick together with the law of regularity pattern even though you dislike with it, if you don't take it, you always get tricked with your insecure thoughts.

Humans thinking level is just like the Map, you must take the right direction route or you get lost

Not everyone can serve the secure information because they don’t have good habit and also they have not trained their mind how to inspire others with secure information, sometimes they don't know how to think correctly because they keep using their insecure thoughts and they lack of the positive vibes from discipline, remember this note; no matter how much the valuable information we give to others, if we keep nurturing our mind with bad habit, the series of valuable information turns into faked out, finally insecure thought will gnaw our positive mind and it will start to doubt our own decision.