Everything happens for a reason

Only doubt will neglect the reason

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to create strong reason to ascertain that we can make new different story in our life journey, sometimes we feel anxious because the bad thing happens in our daily life, in fact the bad thing is designed not to harm people, but to notify people about the sign of disaster, the bad thing will be coming if they keep persistent to do something unfair, so everything is counted by the time machine whether there is good thing or bad thing is happening in human's life, when the unexpected result is being shown by Almighty God, means there are two options we need to declare; we need to unlearn from the bad influence or we force ourselves to accept new ideology and make revolution, there is no bad thing happens unless people already implant the wrong reason into their mindset at the first time.
Making reason can help human to make an idea

            Remember; this universe always shows the fair result, all circumstances teach us not do against the universe’s system, if we want to do something new, we must ensure our reason is not against the universe ruleif we reject the universe rule, we will get the unfair treatment from what we are responsible from it, here is for your information; life is divided into two system; darkness of life and the enlightenment of life, the darkness of life shows that human lack of resourcefulness such as faith, strong reason, skill, integrity, growth mindset, vitality, ingenuity, passion and good attitude whereas the enlightenment of life shows that human are living in peace and serenity because people keep learning new thing without losing self-enthusiasm, remember this note; the universe doesn’t require our permission to enter our privilege, whether we like it or not, we are just asked to learn when life circumstance approaches to our privilege.
Use your emotion to create the valid reason

So every bad thing or good thing have reason to come us, there is no appearing mistake to us without reason, all reasons are designed to make human realize for self-preparation, future’s time is very accurately and future will show different result to us when we discipline ourselves by doing different thing, every mistake will not come to anyone without precedent cause, so we must be careful and be alert about what we have done in the past, everything happens for some reason, such as many people think the failures are not defined from what people don’t know but the truth is the failures are defined from people's fixed mindset, the reason why I say such thing because the only the cowards are reject to change and easy to feel satisfaction, remember this note; future is always mysterious, so don’t act like being a seer who knows it all, there is no one can predict what happen in the future except Almighty God (Allah) who creates the time machine for all living things.
Use your faith to create the valid reason

Don’t ever think that tomorrow’s time will be ending like today’s time, the reason why I say such thing because all thoughts determine what circumstance will happen to us, if we think tomorrow will be ending like today’s time, so we will never escape from circle of hell, time is part of the main reason why we are being created as human being, at the first time we are born with no specialty, no creativity, no idea, no having self-esteem, we are like the empty glass that we have no clear purpose until the life trial will be poured to us, remember; time will count our practice, our failure and our luck because we have created reason to survive and struggle.