Giving starts the receiving process

The right giving is investment

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share how to make better living through giving habit, the reason why I choose that topic because i would like to inform that wealth is started processing when giving habit is begun consistently, it's basic rule, we are unable receive something when we don't implant something what we have to the goal, some people consider giving is like buying self-satisfaction, after that there is no reward from it, but the truth is when someone is giving skill, good habit and some solution for the future, i am sure all giving will be turned into the unlimited wealth, in my personal advice; don't just give or buy something for magnifying self-satisfaction, there is no reward from it, the reason why i say such thing because self-satisfaction can't grow up the wealth potential.
when you want something, you must give something valuable first

         Giving is not always spending money, but when you try to seek your passion and you practice your passion every day, it has same thing you invest something valuable for the future, now my question is why the majority people still get poor when they are getting at the old age, their major problem is they lack of giving and they lack of resourcefulness , so starting from today, please don’t wait you are getting rich first, after that you will start to give, it’s too late, you must adapt with giving’s habit although you are not rich at this time, remember; wealth requires giving’s habit, not what you receive recently, every human being is granted with Almighty God with the same amount of time and they receive the different gift, if we can’t recognize about what kind of gift we receive from almighty God, we will never know the meaning of wealth.
Good investment is cultivating and caring

Earning money is not part of wealth, but its part of result due to someone has invested or give something valuable in the past, don’t ever think getting more money is part of wealth, it’s totally wrong, money can make you desperate when you don't know how to play, money can shut off your potential when you use money much more than your daily need, money can become the majority cause in your life when you just use it for fun, remember this simple rule, receiving is not problem and it never become problem, but the major problem is “your servicing can't make solution?” if your giving can’t help other people to overcome people’s problem, your caring will be considered as attention maker.
The most important among the giving process is servicing and caring habit, those are good habits, if we don’t embrace those characteristic, we will not get benefit from what we give, don’t wait other people will need our help then we will provide the good service, it’s too late, the mindset should be like this “although other people don't need our service, we keep providing the good service because good service is a life time investment, the reason why I suggest to prepare good service for other people because good service is part of creating momentum for the future, without creating momentum, we can’t maximize the self-potential and we can't welcome greater opportunity.