Go out there and prove them wrong

          Hey smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to improve our skill by getting out from the satisfaction zone, the reason I choose that topic because many people justify what people say without confirming whether the information is correct or not, I just remind you that feeling of satisfaction always haunts the human’s passion and idea to grow because satisfaction rejects new change, the reason why feeling of satisfaction rejects new change's existence because satisfaction are overcautious about tomorrow, here is for your note; our biggest enemy are lies in self-satisfaction, self-righteous, blaming, making the grand assumption and justifying the other people opinion without confirming whether it's true or not, those are stumbling block where it lies in our mindset, this life system doesn't require those mental disease, but this life needs human’s solid decisiveness and life needs our unwavering faith to go out from our satisfaction zone, remember this note; satisfaction zone is always telling people to do the same thing and making people being afraid to face about their own fear where it doesn’t actually exist, so that's big challenge where it is provided by life in order to value which type of human who will take responsibility.
stop bullying other person and start appreciating

Go out from your standard doesn’t really matter as long as you know how to endure the life pressure which is embedded in your capacity and you must know how to handle your limit, sometimes we don’t know this life also has planned good thing beyond our fantasy, all we need to do is not waiting the plan, but keep learning about the scope that you are excited so much to learn, then observing about other people’s experience whether it's bad influence or good one, but be careful when you study about a new subject because not everyone around you will accept about what you do, sometimes they will put the insecurities opinion about what you do and they will use it to defeat your philosophy, only the indecisive person will prove that success can be chased by embracing the education degree, in fact greatest success can be attracted by becoming the attractive person and bring more valuable in the market place.

 Before you prove that other people’s judgment go wrong about what you do, you need to contemplate whether the activity you do now will enlighten other people’s knowledge or not, the biggest revenge in life is not making massive action but how you invest knowledge to as many as people, sometimes we need to race with life because only life will tell the truth about your standard of capacity, life will measure how much progress you make for future, when you make progress about your capacity, as impact, you will not get satisfaction because progress will make you get stronger, if this life only gives you feel satisfaction, you will make the setback in every aspect in life, remember; satisfaction only shapes your capacity less strong to face the difficult problem, so you don't need satisfaction but you require the truly happiness about what you do now in every day, happiness doesn't destroy your privilege or decrease your inborn ability.

 Only satisfaction can destroy your happiness, but if you can differentiate between satisfaction and happiness, you always become champion, but if you can't differentiate between satisfaction and happiness, you can't see bright future because happiness is telling you how to get self-motivated, increase your inborn skill and how to challenge your enthusiasm every day although you will feel unpleasant or setback, whereas satisfaction is shutting down the all potential which may approach you such as your dream, your idea, your creativity and your privilege.