Make each day your masterpiece

Plan and do what you can do or you plan to fail

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share about how to make a different day with masterpiece, the reason why I choose that topic because I review many people get bored in their life pattern, so at this moment i would like to share the idea how to make your days will be different, the first thing you need to prepare is making question about "what is your ambition?" and "please check your ambition whether it can give you a positive attitude or not?" if what you do now can attract positive vibes, you can't leave it behind because that kind of ambition will be your ultimate journey, remember this note; good ambition will not allow you to embrace negativity and it will refill your days with enthusiasm and momentum.
Cultivate your mind with your masterpiece, dream and ambition

          Ambition is like vehicle, without ambition, you can't go at anywhere place with safe and your feeling is being loaded with doubt because you don't know how to go, good ambition will thrust you to make practice every day, now if you ask me "why many people can't find the clearest direction how to walk on their life journey?", the answer; because people prioritize their mind how to pursue money, do you know the difference between successful story and unsuccessful story; the difference can be reviewed from what people pursue? The successful people don't use their skill to pursue the money because they believe their masterpiece result can work by themselves for attracting the money, whereas the unsuccessful people spend their life to pursue the money because they are afraid they can't live harmonious without money.
Do you know why most people can’t escape from the daily repeated problem? the answer; they demand external resources bigger rather than what they can afford something, most people don't want to create masterpiece because they have trained their mind to become perfection, one day the wise person says, "the internal problem only can be fixed with personal experience and the internal problem will bring bad effect to external problem if someone doesn't fix his internal problem", here is the clue, the internal problem just like "what kind possession you have attached in your mind"you must disconnect yourself from the outer modern world if you want to fix your internal problem, such as spending time alone to ponder something seriously, going to the nature preserve, sea, garden, beach, forest and etc.
Collecting new idea every day is making your day more colorful

The external resources can be fixed when you meet with mentor or find good resources from other people's experience. I will remind you again, if you pass the day without having plan to create future, you will feel confused, unmotivated, insecure, and doubt don't let your days leaves you without leaving good mark, but you must make the day will count your masterpieceyou must train your mindset how to become the good contributor in the society, the more you give the more you get, means you are entitled to get what you want to get after you have become contributor, remember; future will not be shaped when we don't want to become contributor.