Pain is just temporary but quitting lasts forever

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about the meaning of pain in life, the reason why I choose that topic because many people think the life system is treating them so very hard, unfair, not excitement, and cheating, but the truth says “every life system can’t be manipulated, can’t be copied, can’t be interfered, can’t be created by human’s creativity”, means every hard situation, every bad condition, every adversity, unfairness, outcast and being cheated are part of degradation process where human don't follow the natural rule, there is no permanent process in bad condition as long human leaves the degradation by improving their ability, the degradation process is started because people neglect to upgrade their own resourcefulness, the human's resources is like the plant, it needs to be cultivated with good thing, it need to be taken care every day, it needs to be protected from the intruders, if human don't want to keep it grow, the time will ask the intruder to destroy human's resources.
Be runner and run within your game of life

      Remember; act of neglecting can intimidate human's fortune in the future, that's the law, the reason why human being need to evolve their resourcefulness because of the natural rule will evolve too, every resource has been restricted by it's time, resources will grow if human have cultivated it with positive attitude, if human neglect to do something more important, they will lose their fortune in the future, the key how to survive during facing adversity, namely by demanding ourselves to grow like the seed which is implanted into the soil, there is no other option, “the earlier you start something, the sooner your fortune is coming to you, the more you postpone something, your fortune will be suspended” 

Act of complaining is not good habit even though you have the right attitude, the reason why we need to reduce act of complaining because this kind of act will decrease our fortune and contaminate our good skill-set, when we feel pain, means we need to increase our resourcefulness, don’t just quit because the bad treatment comes to us, it's just temporary, all we need to do is keep trying what we can do, unless we are planning to fail for the future, sometimes we don't realize that we create mistake, but remember; making mistake doesn't mean we will lose the good thing forever, but mistake indicates that our time hasn't reached at prospering level, all failures will be used to promote your career, Michael Jordan has ever said “ I have failed over and over again in my life, that’s why I succeed”, i can conclude that we are not allowed to quit because once we quit, our resources will become our bad habit.
The more you press yourself, the more you gain momentum

 I can accept failure but I will never accept an excuse from someone who isn’t trying yet, if someone stops, who else will to do what he can do,  remember this note; this universe never tells people when people will fail at something, but the universe will tell about result, when you have result, means you make a progress, if you don’t make a progress, you will fail automatically at your scope and failure will make you paralyzed, here is the law that you need to remember; if you stop moving, the miracle also will be stopped automatically, the reason why the miracle stops moving because miracle is produced by human's nature, when someone quits, the miracle will follow, so the miracle basically is followed by human’s progress, not by circumstance, there is no pain lasting forever unless someone allows himself to taste it, only the fixed mindset’s people will plan to fail , we will not know when the prospering is coming, we are just asked by the natural system to be ready at any time.