Push yourself to complete your destiny

Write your destiny through habit and enlightenment

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share how to make different thing in our life journey, the reason why I choose that topic because most people tend to demand the external resource rather than demand themselves internally, in the new century 21st, many people don’t have strong curiosity to know about their destiny because most of them tend to be follower of someone else's target without considering whether it’s true or not in the end journey, that's the problem, they follow something where their soul don’t really want, people forget that the human’s soul is part of the compass direction to go to the destiny, remember this note; without having the right direction, people are unable to fuel our physical body to work for each person's destiny, I review many people wait the destiny’s call because they always think about “how I can get from this life?”, the truth is life is not designed to serve what we need, but life is designed to give what we deserve, we can conclude that we can’t collect the reward if we just demand something that not our own right, we need to prove something till we deserve it.

In this universe, there are many the law of universe, one of them we can call it “the law of attraction”, the first thing i want to explain that the attraction force can be built through two options, the pull power and the push power, now I will describe; the pull power is used to make a vision (direction) such as making dream, daily target, weekly target, year target, etc. Whereas the push power is used to train and increase people's resourcefulness, it just like emotional intelligence, remember this note; the human's mindset is more important than the external resources, the reason why I say such thing because the human's resourcefulness is part of the ultimate method how to maximize and evoke the external resources such as right people, money, reputation, etc. the human's resourcefulness is produced by the human’s emotional state, without applying emotional intelligence, someone will make his disarray in life.
Run for your race

To reach your destiny, you need to adapt your ability with adversity and risk, every day you need to train your ability by using the push power to make different story in your life, remember this note; if you can’t reach your destiny, then who else will be able to do your job, there is no one can replace your position because only you are entitled to use your resourcefulness, you must believe what you have and do something enlightenment to others, if we don’t fill in our days with discipline, our days will be filled with doubt, here is the rule “if you get pain today, tomorrow you will get stronger”, discipline is part of pain in life, if we don’t apply discipline within our days, the days will ruin our days and it will fill in our days with regret, I just remind you that regret is the disease of attitude and it can’t be cured, please complete your mission with joyfulness, not destruction.