Sleep isn’t just sleep anymore, but it’s an escape

          Hi smart people, Howdy? Today I would like to share about manner of sleep, the reason why i choose that topic because i want to let you know about positive side about sleep, i know some people think sleep is like lazybones, but let me get to the point, many people think that sleep is just like resting for a while, but in this article I would like to explain about the power of sleep, first thing you should know that sleep is not kind of laziness, but sleep can be used to escape from the severity pain in life such as sadness, depression, anxious, stress and perplexing problem, but I just remind you that do not to try to spend your time by sleeping more than 10 hours a day, it's not good habit because it can paralyze your body muscles, the good sleep approximately around 6-8 hours day as long as you are not working at your working place, but if you are working at your working place, at least you spend 15 minutes till 30 minutes from your total working hourthe reason why sleep is a powerful method for keeping human's healthy because it can reduce the negative information pollutant which may enter to human's brain memory, sleep can avoid the forgetfulness's character, increase the positive vibes and increase the mood, besides that sleep is kind of method to separate between the exhausted nerves and the human's concentration levelhere is the additional note; sleep can help human to escape from the chaotic mind and rearrange the untidiness habit in human's lifestyle.

          Many people spend their time by working more than 10 hours for money, sadly they don’t ever consider that invest several minutes to  sleep is good lifestyle to prolong self-concentration, here is for your note; fifteen minutes to sleep is better than keep working, the reason fifteen minutes of sleeping is more important than keep working because sleeping can increase the power of focus, power of enthusiasm, sleep shouldn’t be exchanged with money even though you can earn a lot of money, spending time to sleep in several minutes can reduce feeling of anger while you are working in busy daily scheduleremember this note; the more you inhale the amount of information pollutant out there, the more you waste your health improvement chance in the future, so you need self-thinking time before adjusting your attitude during accepting all information.

           Life needs balance, everything must be controlled with power of faith, if we want to live longevity happiness, so we need to control our time, our energy, our relaxation and our physical condition, when our activity is begun, our limitation must be set according to our daily habit, remember; we can't change all life system with our limitation but we can maximize our limitation to make fortune , remember this quote; "when you keep working till you can't sleep peacefully, your job can make you sleep forever soon", which means our life balance turns into misfortune.