Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

          Hi smart people, howdy? Today I would like to share my life experience how to learn about failure and success, I am sure everyone knows much and have experienced such way, many people don't want to approach failure,  in fact there is no failure as long as people don't stop learning, when we have never tried at the first time, we must meet with many difficulties because we don't have daily habit, and every adversity is unchangeable and irreplaceable from other factors, i remembered when I was child, I had been educated how to get good mark, the main point why i did it because in order to get teacher's compliment and get the year's record book, but in the reality life, we don't need compliment from other people, we need self-education.
get the Fail stamp is part of self-education

          In formal education we are educated by teacher to make self-preparation and get job only, that's reason why many people are failed in their career because they are depending their experience on the formal education, remember; the formal education is 0.1% enough to welcome new challenge from life and 99.9% from self-education, based on my life story, don't rely on the formal education because formal education has never taught how to train right mindset, now or later we must start how to invest failure, invest cost of learning and invest time to educate ourselves with self-education, the kind of self-education are like accepting new knowledge, learn new philosophy, learn about the truthfulness, accept new challenge, new risk, new responsibility, new mistake and new adversity, sometimes we need to take the priceless lesson from an athlete’s mindset “no pain no gain, means sometimes you need to learn from progress and failure if you want to win the competition” the biggest competition is ourselves.

          Remember this note; “before someone wins the competition, he needs to pay the cost of learning, pay the cost of failure, pay the cost of mentor as the main requirement”, there is no free lunch if someone wants to get reward, everything in this life requires cost even though you will have hobby, there is no trophy can be collected at the first journey but you will get from the end journey, the problem is not caused by the trophy, but how someone gets seriously about the goal, if someone gets serious about the goal, I believe one day he will be wearing something that he deserves and their successful story will pay all cost of failures, I will remind you that the point of success is not based on how you get the reward, but how you invest particular time to improve yourself until you become the valuable person, when you become attractive person, everything around you will follow about your changes, such as lifestyle, human relationship, good career, etc.

Sometimes we need to move backward to make self-reflection when we face adversity by making the strategy and keep practicing how to create the better improvement, in my suggestion is “don’t ever think about perfection and don’t use your time to wait, it's futile, act of being patience and wait for the result are having different purpose", you can’t change your story if you just wait the result, you must train your mindset how to keep practicing your skill without gaining the money, if you can’t accept the failure, you will not carve your mind with progress, remember this note; keep trying in the wrong direction is better than standing still, we are not entitled to determine when we will get big reward, our job is keep practicing, that's it, if you invest the new mistake in your mind, your subconscious mind will help you to change mistake to become new opportunity, here is my personal advice; we are not entitled to deserve the reward, but we are entitled to make choice to succeed at the scope which we are interested with it.