Suffering is the true test of life

Running for life doesn't mean escape from responsibility, but running for dedication

          Hi smart people, today I would like to share how to learn about suffering in life, sometimes we don’t like it because all people need happiness, not suffering, but there is the missed information that human often reject, it talks about inequality in social life, as you know that social relationship difference can be great factor to create suffering and chaos, so the reason why I choose that topic because most people think suffering is part of punishment, in the fact, suffering is the true test of life, there is rule that people must know “no pain, no gain” and also “the law sowing and reaping”, the basic rule why we need suffering because our mentality will fight against  negativity, so we need to discard the inessential thing which may contaminate our mind such as the untruthful reference from the insecure people's mindset, almost every day we don’t realize there are many negative information from media and they can contaminate our mind with negativity from unexpected direction, that's true suffering is begun, we only have option; whether we will fight it or we will take suffering.
Trial and error are part of successful journey

Basically suffering is not bad enough as long as you can take good lesson from that kind of situation around you, sometimes the bad thing happens within bad condition in order to warn you that you need to be alert next time because one day you will get trapped with the same trap if you don’t take carefully plan, so our job on earth is train our mindset with power of perseverance, don’t never ask when the suffering is over because there is no one can predict when the suffering will end at the right time, sometimes failures are caused by our carelessness and it needs to be cropped from what we sowed in the past time, start from now so we must change bad seed with good seed for future, remember; failure is designed to sweep all privileges which be left unguarded by humans and also time will destroy our privilege, in order to protect our privilege from failure or same mistake, our skills need to be guarded by keeping practice or we will sell our privilege to failure.
Keep practicing

Remember this note; sometimes this universe doesn’t tell us why universe can sweep all good thing on earth even though we have protected it, the reason why this universe will destroy our privileges because the human's privilege has limited time, so when the season is changing, human's privilege will become self-destruction, so we need to learn again, adapt with new situation and face adversity, this story is like the animal kingdom story, it says “whoever can adapt, it will win, whoever can’t adapt, it will dead”, means, we are not allowed to protest about what universe does to us, human being are not entitled to change the system or interfere what universe does on earth,  as the normal human being, we need to cultivating our mind with new positive thinking, accepting the truth, learning from failure, keeping curious about upcoming life trial and study to make revolution, all series of good ways must be implanted into our mindset or we will suffer of regret.